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Do you think you eat well ?

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Floradora9 Wed 15-Feb-23 16:47:07

I was thinking about our diet and I think it is pretty good. Breakfast and lunch are light meals , lunch usually home made soup , and our mail meal is usually home made including fish once or twice a week chicken , beef and the odd veggie meal . I must admit I quite enjoy cooking so it is no hardship but I feel sorry for anyone who does not enjoy it . I do envy those of us whose husbands take over the roll of cooking . I am usually only cooking for 2 but family meals from time to time and more lavish affairs. We never have a take aways and eat out only now and again .

AussieGran59 Thu 16-Feb-23 04:53:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

argymargy Thu 16-Feb-23 06:32:46

Yes. I avoid processed foods, am a vegetarian and eat as much cake as I like. BMI of 20.

Juicylucy Sun 19-Feb-23 11:19:10

I fast until 6pm usually then try hard to eat healthy I live on my own but always cook a proper meal. Some of my single friends hardly ever cook a meal they live on beans on toast and cereal.

Davida1968 Sun 19-Feb-23 11:21:01

Yes we do eat well. A veggie box is delivered every week & DH cooks with this. Not much meat and lots of beans! Porridge for most breakfasts, too. (We do drink wine, though...)

growstuff Sun 19-Feb-23 11:32:59


I fast until 6pm usually then try hard to eat healthy I live on my own but always cook a proper meal. Some of my single friends hardly ever cook a meal they live on beans on toast and cereal.

I hardly ever eat baked beans, toast or cereal because they all have too many carbs for me. However, in summer I rarely "cook" a proper meal either. I don't do that much "cooking" in winter either because I batch cook and use the microwave.

I think its a fallacy that people need a hot, cooked "proper" meal every day. I eat protein, healthy fats and a limited amount of carbs, usually in the form of an uncooked salad. I hardly ever eat pasta, potatoes, pastry, rice, biscuits, cakes, bread or chocolate. I snack on nuts, carrots, celery and limited amounts of fruit.

I'm a healthy weight, which hasn't changed for at least 20 years and my blood test results are usually good.

Coco51 Sun 19-Feb-23 11:58:25

No. My appetite has gone - chocolate and cakes rarely tempt me, it’s that serious! I think it has to do with medication. In the morning I have three or four dried apricots depending on size, and handful of medications with a little milk. When the cat tells OH it is time to get up he makes a cup of tea (OH, not the cat) which we have in bed with no more than two biscuits. I make coffee for him, I have hot milk with a little sugar. Recently we’ve added a pot of greek yoghourt with fruit compote (I dilute Fage strained yoghourt and add in organic fruit compote to make enough jars for the coming week). Then I don’t think about food, until OH says he’s hungry about two hours later - I skip or have one or two bites from a one-slice sandwich. Dinner is what OH wants, cooked from scratch, I can eat about half of what ever is on an 8” plate. Alternate evenings I have half a tin of tomato soup and half a slice of bread, he has a full tin and bread. On soup nights I have a small apple and satsuma or we both have tinned fruit. I have two cups of milk during the evening and before bed, to add to my protein intake.

Gabrielle56 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:03:00

We can't fit in more than one proper meal a day now! I skip breakfast until maybe 10.30+ if at all cake/biscuit and a brew for lunch.tea/dinner around 5-6 ish usually home made something or other Italian/ Chinese stir-fry/ German orive become quite the pie maker! Discovered an idiot proof recipe for non soggy pastry for savoury or sweet pies and there's no stopping me! I can turn 800g cheese 2onions some milk and couple eggs into srix double servings of lush cheese and onion pie! I freeze it. Same with chicken and leek/beef and much room etc we try to have a large proportion of veg with all meals. We don't spend lots on food as I'm old school and can make great meals from nothing!(well not quite but ya know what I mean)

Gabrielle56 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:05:05


Yes we do eat well. A veggie box is delivered every week & DH cooks with this. Not much meat and lots of beans! Porridge for most breakfasts, too. (We do drink wine, though...)

Ahem.... We like a glass with a meal and a bottle lasts all week.sometimes we share a nice bottled beer with meal,it's classed as food isn't it?..........

Nannan2 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:10:13

Used to try eat a lot better but with soaring prices its harder to do so- all fresh food is going sky high- even in Aldi! And other supermarkets cost much more..find we're not eating healthy hardly at all these days as it costs too much, and i'm lactose free and the cost of those is high so i just but the lactose free milk now and take a chance on the rest.😐🫤

Nannan2 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:10:32


Skydancer Sun 19-Feb-23 12:17:24

We eat very healthy meals but it's what we eat in between that is so bad - crisps, cakes, biscuits, chocolate. We both have a sweet tooth. If there's a bar of chocolate in the fridge I can't rest till I've eaten the lot. I have no willpower whatsoever.

timetogo2016 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:22:30

We eat very well,but i do love a bag of crisps,i treat myself to 2 bags a week.

BlueBalou Sun 19-Feb-23 12:25:01

I’m average I think when it comes to eating, plenty of fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish frequently and too many Pringles!
DH won’t cook, his diet would be awful if left to his own devices, he has type 2 diabetes and ignores all advice.
I don’t enjoy cooking but try to cook from scratch much of the time. I never eat breakfast, unless it’s a brunch 😊

Nannan2 Sun 19-Feb-23 12:27:31

Its also very difficult as one of disabled adult sons has a very picky choice of foods, so many he dislikes and he wont touch a vegetable at all- he says he likes some fruits but when i buy them he then does'nt bother. Other son not as bad but wont eat sloppy foods or with sauces/gravies, or soups, eats everything dry.Only eats one type of rice.(the expensive uncle's one!) So more is spent on their food and my diet takes a back seat.

Greyduster Sun 19-Feb-23 12:51:53

I try, but sometimes fall off the fruit and veg waggon. It’s not that I don’t buy it; I just forget to eat it! Breakfast is usually porridge these days. A sandwich or cheese and biscuits (I have recently become addicted to Scottish super seeded oatcakes - wonderful with Lancashire cheese!) constitutes lunch, and a cooked evening meal. I batch cook for the freezer too - things like casseroles, shepherds pie and pasta sauce - but since DH died, I eat a lot of fish (he didn’t like it), so salmon, sea bass fillets, smoked haddock with new potatoes and veg, or hot smoked salmon with vegetable cous cous. Sometimes I don’t eat much at all because I simply don’t have the energy or the appetite but those times are few and far between. My natural gluttony usually puts me back on the right track eventually!

henetha Sun 19-Feb-23 12:56:44

I'm constantly trying to... and constantly failing!
Seriously, I eat alone most days and its nearly always chicken or fish with lots of vegetables. I've more or less given up potatoes except for sweet potato chips as a treat once a fortnight.
My failing comes from my love of chocolate. blush

sazz1 Sun 19-Feb-23 13:03:37

I think we eat quite well and mainly cook from scratch. DH does most of the cooking but is not a great cook so I take a turn every so often. We usually have lamb or beef, chicken, fish or eggs every week and cabbage broccoli green beans carrots for veg with some meals. Also orange juice for vitamin C.
We're not perfect and have a cooked breakfast occasionally or a takeaway.
Mum was a nursery nurse and then a nurse during the war so taught me all about balanced diets and nutrition when I was young.
I did end up pre diabetic a few years ago despite being under 8st in weight. Stopped eating chocolate and halved sugar intake which reversed it for now.
Type 2 can be hereditary and not always related to overweight.
DS works with a person aged 25 living alone, who can't cook anything and lives on meals out, ready meals and takeaways costing them hundreds of pounds each month. I think that is so sad.

pinkjj27 Sun 19-Feb-23 13:16:06

I eat clean, I am a veggie. I eat from scratch and never eat processed foods. I vary my diet as eating the same things daily isn’t healthy according to nutritionist. I also Fast two days a week to maintain blood sugars and weight I am a size 8 I don’t diet. I live alone am still working I am very active and healthy. I do have the odd treat now and then but I would much rather have fruit nuts and healthy stuff.

Treetops05 Sun 19-Feb-23 13:31:10

For me having a retired chef who does all our cooking isn't good at all. I get virtually no choice on what to eat, or when and his portions are enormous. For years I tried to clear my plate as he took it hard if I didn't. I went from size 8-20. Then I was diagnosed with throat issues and can't eat the amount he puts out. I leave it and he eats it, so he is plump too. I have tried talking about portions and weightloss, but after a week or two he's 'bored' and stops trying again. Our Dr simply doesn't understand the difficulties. I try to lose weight, and eat much less but exercise is a trial as breathing becomes difficult. Oh to be allowed to cook in my own house!!

Peaches7 Sun 19-Feb-23 13:50:18

I think I eat well, I have breakfast in the morning usually cerial with milk,porridge or toast sometimes poached eggs or scrambled eggs on toast,I visit my hubby who is in a nursing home every day so usually take a sandwich and fruit for my lunch,today I took some left over salad and cheese and an apple,then in the evening I cook a meal for me and my son,if there are any leftovers I freeze then in tubs for those days when I don't want to cook

JaneJudge Sun 19-Feb-23 13:56:35

I think I need to work on lunch as I eat a sandwich with a cup of soup and a packet of crisps, wolfed down as my work break is so short sad

Cambia Sun 19-Feb-23 14:04:59

Love cooking and eating. Don’t usually eat until twelve then kefir, matcha, banana and flaxseed. Salads or sweet potatoes for lunch and usually veggie, chicken or fish in the evening, usually tick off over 30 plant foods a week. My vices are an afternoon tea and cake and red wine!

AGAA4 Sun 19-Feb-23 14:12:31

My diet is good and bad. I eat fruit and veg, chicken and fish. Afternoon snack is always nuts but I eat too many KitKats.

Dcba Sun 19-Feb-23 14:20:05

I try making and eating well balanced meals a priority because I know it’s so closely linked to our health and our energy levels (we are both in our 80’s) .I make a green smoothie every morning (spinach, banana, yogurt, protein powder, walnuts and oat milk). Hubby has different cereals but always eats a fresh orange. Lunch is a sandwich, and sometimes soup (always home made, never out of a tin) and usually a biscuit with a cup of tea, and dinner in the evening is chicken, fish, pork, etc., with two or three fresh veggies potatoes, brocolli, carrots, beans etc or pasta with home made spaghetti sauce. I also make a salad too as hubby enjoys eating it while I’m preparing dinner. We may eat out once every other week but I’m not that keen on it ….. I really like to know how my food is prepared! I have an allotment so during the summer months I grow many of my own veg…..they taste so different to store bought! I’m not much of a baker - so we don’t eat many pies, puddings or cakes, but l have managed to perfect a really tasty oatmeal cookie - so one of those with a cup of tea goes down well after dinner. And we never eat anything after 7.30 at night.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 19-Feb-23 14:24:30

We both like cooking and enjoy food.

We eat well in the sense of healthily and within our food budget.

Most meals are entirely home-made, and I bake bread and the occasional cake myself.

We cannot afford extravagance of any kind, so we never eat beef which is the most expensive meat you can buy here, but pork, chicken and turkey cuts are more affordable.
Fish too is far too expensive, so we only eat it when frozen fish is on offer in a supermarket. Lamb only at Easter.

We eat a fair amoung of home-made soups and old standbys like rice pudding, porridge, every conceivable potato dish you could think of, and plenty of the different kinds of cabbage. A lot of Indian dishes, using lentils of different sorts as well.

Chocolates, cakes and biscuits are only for special occasions, and fruit, apart from the tinned kind, is assuredly not possible on our housekeeping money. Neither of us drinks alcohol, except on very rare occasions, mainly for health reasons, but the expense is a consideration too.

But we never go hungry. Nor do we over-eat.