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Oh yes, we have no tomatoes !

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Mazgg Sat 18-Feb-23 18:12:04

When I placed my online order last week I couldn't get any tomatoes. Today I visited my local supermarket which usually have a large selection of tomatoes only to find all the shelves bare. Staff were unable to offer an explanation. Have I missed something?

InnocentBystander Sat 18-Feb-23 18:19:51

Sounds like Tesco! I went in to our, admittedly fairly small, Tesco last week and so many shelves were bare: no peppers at all, no cucumbers, common items like those. Down the road in M&S Food the shelves were full with the items absent in Tesco not three hundred yards up the road.

Grandmabatty Sat 18-Feb-23 18:25:11

Brexit. Tomatoes at this time of year come from mainly Spain, I think.

Casdon Sat 18-Feb-23 18:25:23

We had a similar problem with peppers yesterday. I got everything to make fajitas for dinner in Morrisons except peppers which were sold out. None in the Co-Op, Aldi, or Spar either, which exhausted the possibilities in my small town. I’ve been out for the day today, and managed to get some in a town 35 miles away, so it’s now fajitas tonight instead.

Kate1949 Sat 18-Feb-23 18:27:18

No tomatoes in Aldi last week.

Palmtree Sat 18-Feb-23 18:29:54

In our town we have a problem with shortage of eggs. Managed to find some in M&S today though, so we are ready for Shrove Tuesday pancakes smile

Framilode Sat 18-Feb-23 18:37:01

I have been into Mercadona in Spain today and it is absolutely bursting with fresh produce, including three varieties of tomatoes. I can't think of any other reason but Brexit for the problems in the UK.

kircubbin2000 Sat 18-Feb-23 18:57:35

Brexit of course. It's hard to get the seeds too I hear.

Casdon Sat 18-Feb-23 19:03:24

In fairness (I didn’t vote for it!) it’s not only Brexit, it’s the fact that less is being grown in the UK due to fuel prices. The issue with eggs is primarily because of avian flu, all poultry has to be kept inside in some parts of the UK.

M0nica Sat 18-Feb-23 19:08:24

Whn I went to the market last week I picked up three aubergines as well as everything else. When I went to pay the salesman warned me that they were £1.50 each (I put one back)

He said the problem was that there had been unseasonably cold weather in Spain and Morrocco, so all salad veg were in short supply and expensive, if you could get them.

1summer Sat 18-Feb-23 19:09:26

This is interesting, I had a Sainsburys order delivered this afternoon. I ordered some vine tomatoes they were substituted for ordinary organic tomatoes. The driver told me that every order today had either no tomatoes sent or substituted by the organic ones.

Casdon Sat 18-Feb-23 19:14:49

I’ve just had a look, Monica is right, that’s another reason - there are quite a lot of issues by the looks of it, and it’s likely to continue for a while.

M0nica Sat 18-Feb-23 19:23:07

Interesting article, Casdon

kittylester Sat 18-Feb-23 19:38:30

I buy cherry tomatoes on my Sainsbury's order every week - so far no issues. Hope it continues.

Farzanah Sat 18-Feb-23 19:44:39

There are often empty shelves in the veg section of my local M&S simply food. Likewise in the pharmacy, shortage of common meds.

JaneJudge Sat 18-Feb-23 19:53:44

No eggs and no tomatoes here too
Obviously it’s nothing to do with our new trade agreements

Joseanne Sat 18-Feb-23 20:07:59

My order for Tesco delivery tomorrow had no tomatoes, peppers or cucumber.

My DD brought me a cauliflower back from Brittany yesterday. 4 euros 85!!

kittylester Sat 18-Feb-23 20:12:28

I get my eggs from a free range egg farm near by. 2.85 for 12 extra large.

Blondiescot Sat 18-Feb-23 20:13:35


I get my eggs from a free range egg farm near by. 2.85 for 12 extra large.

£1 for six at our local smallholding.

Fleurpepper Sat 18-Feb-23 20:24:26


Brexit. Tomatoes at this time of year come from mainly Spain, I think.

Surely not, tut tut

Iam64 Sat 18-Feb-23 20:45:11

I popped into Morrisons this afternoon. No tomatoes no eggs and shelves half empty.

Patsy70 Sat 18-Feb-23 21:14:14

Limited supply of tomatoes in Lidl this week, but an endless supply at the local farmers’ market.

Callistemon21 Sat 18-Feb-23 21:21:20

No broccoli either (Waitrose order).

I bought frozen.

fiorentina51 Sat 18-Feb-23 21:23:16

I got some tomatoes this morning from our local farm shop.

halfpint1 Sat 18-Feb-23 21:26:13

Plenty of tomatoes here in France but a little pricey,normal for the time of here, however the mustard has disappeared again zut!