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MawtheMerrier Sat 04-Mar-23 15:57:34

What is it in these biscuits and the spread that makes them so hard to resist?
Yes they are sweet (probably too sweet) and taste sort of toasted and caramel, but so are other products.
However, Biscoff seems to me like the baked goods equivalent of crack cocaine.
Get thee behind me!

Blondiescot Wed 15-Mar-23 08:33:54

Hi Doodledog, this is the recipe I used, but if you google Biscoff cheesecake, there are many variations:

Doodledog Wed 15-Mar-23 08:36:41

Excellent, thank you!

I'd rather use a recommended tried and tested recipe if I can, so will follow yours. It looks delicious.

Blondiescot Wed 15-Mar-23 09:08:21

It's lovely, but very rich. I didn't bother with additional cream on top of mine - just drizzled some Biscoff over it and added some biscuit crumbs. It didn't look as fancy as the one in the recipe, but it tasted good!

JackyB Wed 15-Mar-23 09:34:33


Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like them? They taste burnt to me.

I don't not like them, but I can take them or leave them. I once bought a jar of Biscoff spread by mistake, thinking it was peanut butter (which was right next to it). I haven't used it, but DS2 pounced on it! Must use it in a recipe - cupcakes or cheesecake - but we don't eat much cake. Will have to wait for visitors or a birthday.

annodomini Wed 15-Mar-23 09:40:08

I had a slice of Biscoff cheesecake in a restaurant. To say it was sweet would be an understatement and it almost put me off Biscoff altogether - until I found my DiL's stache of the little biscuits.