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Now Toblerone - is nothing safe?

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MawtheMerrier Mon 06-Mar-23 08:13:02

I may need to sit down (with a giant bar) to cope with the latest from Switzerland

THE Matterhorn mountain’s peak that appears on Toblerone packaging is to be removed.
From todays DT
Mondelez International, the manafacturer of Toblerone, is moving part of the chocolate production from its home country of Switzerland to Slovakia.
The change is in line with Swiss legislation that protects items claiming to be from the country under the Swissness Act. Toblerone packaging will now read “established in Switzerland”, rather than “of Switzerland”, according to Aargauer Zeitung newspaper
The act decrees Swiss national symbols or products claiming to be “Swiss made” must contain at least 80 per cent of the product’s raw materials that have come from Switzerland. For milk and dairy products, 100 per cent of the raw materials must come from Switzerland.
However, exceptions are made for raw materials and ingredients that cannot be directly sourced from ­Switzerland – including cocoa.
The image of the mountain will be swapped for a more standardised summit, according to Mondelez. A spokesman said: “The packaging redesign introduces a modernised and streamlined mountain logo that aligns with the geometric and triangular aesthetic .”
And in case anybody didnt know ( unlikely)
The shape of Toblerone resembles the pyramid shape of the Swiss summit
Next they’ll be telling us the song isn’t true sad

“ 🎶Made with triangular almonds,
From triangular trees, 🌲
And triangular honey, 🍯
From triangular bees. 🐝
And oh, Mr Confectioner please,
Give me Toblerone. 🎶 “

Grantanow Mon 06-Mar-23 08:32:25

Never liked the stuff!

SunshineSally Mon 06-Mar-23 08:52:26

I love Toblerone and have broken many a tooth 🤣 whilst eating a chunk … not to mention painful fingers whilst trying to prise a chunk off!!
I do hope they don’t change the taste.

Georgesgran Mon 06-Mar-23 08:58:40

I haven’t had one for years, because they’re so hard to eat. However, I believe they’re much thinner now and break up easier.
Might treat myself to one for Easter, just as a comparison, of course.

Kate1949 Mon 06-Mar-23 09:45:58

We had a Toblerone Gold for Christmas. It was gorgeous.

Joseanne Mon 06-Mar-23 09:53:33

What is the image of then? The Jungfrau is the one I went up.

Redhead56 Mon 06-Mar-23 10:03:48

I loved it years ago as a special treat but I felt the recipe had changed. I haven’t eaten it for years now my dd likes the special edition caramel one.

Joseanne Mon 06-Mar-23 10:06:08

Oh, I've just read Matterhorn in the bold bit. That's the one near Interlaken isnt it? I think we had a view from our hotel bedroom once.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Mar-23 10:07:41

Never eaten one

glammanana Mon 06-Mar-23 10:11:57

I always knew my holiday had started when I went into duty free to buy my Toblerone from Duty Free Shop.
I've not had one for quite a while.

GagaJo Mon 06-Mar-23 10:13:09

I'm not keen. Overrated IMO.

Joseanne Mon 06-Mar-23 10:44:37

I've just unearthed this from my freezer and there's no mountain? Oh well, I'll just have to try it later, as I have a lazy day today.

Joseanne Mon 06-Mar-23 10:44:59


Ailidh Mon 06-Mar-23 10:46:45

Will the hidden bear still be there?

It used to be my Dad's favourite for a Christmas present. I rather like it too. I think the other elements of the packaging will mean it looks just as recognizable.

Blossoming Mon 06-Mar-23 11:41:30

They’re much smaller nowadays. I wonder if Lidl do a cheap version? The Lidl snickers clones are delicious.

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Mar-23 11:45:25


I rarely eat one (😂) but it can't change shape, it just can't!!

And it is one of 'safe' chocolate bars for coeliacs.
I hope they don't change the formula.

PinkCosmos Mon 06-Mar-23 12:06:13

Incidentally,, there is a bear in the mountain logo. It is white and facing right. You can see it if you open the OP's image.

I didn't know this until recently

Blondiescot Mon 06-Mar-23 12:55:29

I thought everyone knew about the bear!

MawtheMerrier Mon 06-Mar-23 12:58:00

The bear is the symbol of the city of Bern

Granmarderby10 Mon 06-Mar-23 13:24:09

Just another of those “sweeties that hurt”😏

Oldbat1 Mon 06-Mar-23 13:27:33

My teeth wouldn’t cope! My fingers find it difficult to break a piece off so wouldn’t chance teeth.

dogsmother Mon 06-Mar-23 13:30:45

It’s all about the bear isn’t it? How ridiculous is this world becoming 🫤

LadyHonoriaDedlock Mon 06-Mar-23 13:45:58

It's Mondelez innit! The global conglomerate formerly known as Kraft, based in Chicago. Nothing is sacred to them. You may recall how they hijacked iconic British brand Cadbury's a few years ago. Toblerone was taken over by Kraft Foods more than thirty years ago, and it had been more German than Swiss for a while before that.

The ever-pragmatic Swiss are being quite right, in my view, in protecting their national iconography. The mountain is the Matterhorn as others have said. The Matterhorn overlooks Zermatt in the canton of Valais. The one near Interlaken with the train up to the glacier is Jungfrau, although other biggies without railways nearby are the Eiger and Mönch.

When I found myself in Interlaken on the Swiss leg of my Interrail month a few years ago I did consider going on the train but it was rather hazy and the train, being outwith the Interrail validity, would have cost me half my budget for the week! I pressed on to Luzern instead via Meiringen and the Brünig Pass. Now that was a spectacular train ride for no extra charge!

Ilovecheese Mon 06-Mar-23 13:55:09

I agree, LadyH if they are not going to make it in Switzerland then they can't have the Matterhorn.

mrshat Mon 06-Mar-23 17:12:28

I never knew about the bear! I love Toblerone! It is a real treat and always a purchase in 'Duty Free' wink