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There’s no substitute for ……

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Casdon Tue 07-Mar-23 08:12:47

Geeta’s mango chutney, Taylor’s Italian blend coffee, Jelly Belly jelly beans (I know, but I love them).

I’m trying to cut down shopping bills, and will compromise on many things, but I’m not prepared to give up my absolute favourites. Have you got any ‘no substitute’ brands that you really don’t want to live without?

Redhead56 Tue 07-Mar-23 13:51:10

Marmite is a brand one of my favourites. Marmite and Bovril I have tried alternatives but they just don’t compare.
Wilkins lemon curd apart from homemade it’s the best but I have to buy it on line now.
John West tuna other brands taste odd.
Nescafé Gold old fashioned but my preference not into fancy coffees.
Delamere Goats butter better than any so called butter spreads that are fake.

pascal30 Tue 07-Mar-23 14:12:40

Olive oil, marmite, muller kefir

Wyllow3 Tue 07-Mar-23 14:20:06


Green and Blacks cocoa

Bonne Maman Jam (unless on very occasional trip somewhere people have made wonderful "home made".

M n S formula extra rich night cream

Bio-oil (can be found cheap on websites not in supermarket)

Wheniwasyourage Tue 07-Mar-23 14:24:53


Heinz tomato soup, especially when I’m poorly. I know it’s a ridiculous price but no other tomato soup will do,

Which? said that Tesco's own tomato soup was s good as Heinz, so we tried it and it is! And it's about half the price.

Never thought I could find one as good, so it was a real surprise.

Mollygo Tue 07-Mar-23 14:32:45

Hate to disagree with Which? Tesco’s own tomato soup tastes good, but it doesn’t taste like Heinz tomato soup on a blind testing.

M0nica Tue 07-Mar-23 15:50:05

Then I will stick with marmite.

Marydoll Tue 07-Mar-23 16:01:39

Anchor butter.

BlueSapphire Tue 07-Mar-23 16:15:22

Daddie's Brown Sauce, better than HP in my opinion, and own brands come nowhere near.

sharon103 Tue 07-Mar-23 16:17:25

Kelloggs Coco Pops
Hellmanns Mayo
Cif bathroom cleaner
Daddies sauce
Semi skimmed milk
Fairy liquid
Utterly Butterly
Heinz salad cream
Colemans mustard
Crisp n dry oil
Bournville cocoa powder
Homepride flour
Tetley tea

Wheniwasyourage Tue 07-Mar-23 16:30:27


Hate to disagree with Which? Tesco’s own tomato soup tastes good, but it doesn’t taste like Heinz tomato soup on a blind testing.

Oh well.maybe our taste buds are less sophisticated than they used to be, but it pleased us!

LRavenscroft Wed 08-Mar-23 08:28:28

A really good slice of Black Forest Gateau with loadsa cream, deep dark chocolate and juicy boozy black cherries. Scrumptious.

Mamissimo Wed 08-Mar-23 09:33:01

Heinz Tomato soup
Tunnocks Caramel Wafers
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut/cornflakes/rice crispies
L'Or Intense instant coffee

watermeadow Thu 09-Mar-23 20:10:35

I don’t buy any branded foods except Kenco coffee. Own brands are much cheaper but my supermarket is Waitrose where own brands are much nicer than those from the cheaper supermarkets.

Callistemon21 Thu 09-Mar-23 20:46:41


Oh forgot he must have Scots Porridge Oats as opposed to Quaker Porridge, or any other for that matter.

Oh yes, DH only likes Scott's Porage Oats
I like Nairns.

Ecover Washing up liquid
Yorkshire Tea
Salted butter (most brands are fine) but it has to be butter
Bonne Maman conserves (or my own jam)
Proper honey, not blended non-EU rubbish.

Callistemon21 Thu 09-Mar-23 20:47:21

Douwe Egberts decaffeinated coffee for me.

Deedaa Thu 09-Mar-23 21:05:38

I prefer Vegemite to Marmite, but you very rarely see it anywhere. Yorkshire Tea, Lavazza coffee (Illy if I can afford it). Aldi do a very nice French butter with salt crystals, any good quality bronze die pasta, good tinned tomatoes, I only use Vialone Nano rice for risotto and prefer Gabriele Ferron's. Since Brexit it's become very hard to find. I have to end up buying on line and paying a fortune but others I've tried aren't as good.

JaneJudge Thu 09-Mar-23 21:08:50

yorkshire tea
persil non bio

midgey Thu 09-Mar-23 21:09:33

Jersey mids potatoes cooked with fresh mint and butter. I haven’t had any for years though. It seems to be Jersey Royals these days…..good but…!

Hellogirl1 Thu 09-Mar-23 21:14:33

Primula cheese spread

PerkyPiggy Thu 09-Mar-23 21:24:41

Heinz ketchup
HP sauce
Yorkshire tea bags
Real butter
Heinz or Hellman's mayo
Heinz or Branston baked beans

Cabbie21 Thu 09-Mar-23 21:30:06

Sensodyne tooth paste

crazyH Thu 09-Mar-23 21:49:27

Lurpak Butter
Nescafé Coffee
Walker’s salted crisps
Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
Hellmans Mayo

PerkyPiggy Thu 09-Mar-23 22:31:52

I forgot to mention Colman's English mustard and Colman's mint sauce.

Casdon Thu 09-Mar-23 22:43:43


Sensodyne tooth paste

That’s a good one, I hadn’t considered toothpaste. My strong preference is for Arm and Hammer sensitive, I never buy anything else.

Dinahmo Thu 09-Mar-23 22:45:21

Very strong ground coffee and salty butter. Also Lindt dark chocolate.