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Sidelined Fri 17-Mar-23 20:03:21

Hi, I’m a newbie so nice to meet you.

I bought a bread maker recently and eventually found a great recipe that made the perfect loaf several times. However, the last three loaves - same ingredients, same settings - have been different: the loaf rose too much and hit the lid ruining the shape and although each loaf tasted fine thy were too light, difficult to slice because it was too floppy, even three days old!

I can’t work out what has changed. I began using up an old pack of yeast sachets (still in date) and had no problems. A new pack of the same yeast coincided with these odd loaves - could that be the problem? If so, what’s the solution?

Any ideas gratefully received. Thank you.

Sidelined Sat 18-Mar-23 16:12:33

Mine says water and yeast first, salt after flour and Seeds/grains and before butter.

*Update * todays loaf is perfect! 5g of yeast, which is 1g more than a teaspoon btw. Excellent! And thank you for your great advice. A slice of bread and jam anyone grin

Llamedos13 Sat 18-Mar-23 17:43:05

It’s really difficult to make sense of all the bread machine rules! Mine is water first and always yeast last.Well done making a perfect loaf. I’ve one on the go just now. 🍞

Elegran Sun 19-Mar-23 08:55:45

Maybe the machines which want the water in first have less powerful motors, which can't cope with suddenly having to mix dry ingredients with the water at the top, and have to start with a lot of water around them? That, and keeping yeast and salt apart until all is mixed together, would account for most of the variation

dogsmother Sun 19-Mar-23 08:57:54

Sidelined….yes please, cyber bread is delicious and calorie saving too 👍

Antrom Mon 27-Mar-23 14:54:51

I think it's all about the yeast