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Which cookery book have you used most over the years?

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singingnutty Sun 09-Apr-23 16:35:01

Following posting on the Hot Cross Buns thread, and finding a fellow enthusiast for the Good Housekeeping Cookery Book, I would like to ask GNetters which cookery book they have used most over the years. Loopyloo said she uses the 1957 version of the GH book but, having checked, mine is actually 1972. I suspect the basic recipes are the same - just mine might have a few more exotic ones like Baked Courgettes and Aubergines or Lasagne Al Forno. Some ingredients for these may have been available in cities back in the 50's but probably not easily found elsewhere?

foxie48 Sun 09-Apr-23 16:41:26

Delia Smith's complete cookery course, mine is the HB 1992 edition so it had already been in print for well over ten years. I still use it for a few basics when I want them to be just right. I normally do most cooking without using scales. I'm afraid my GH book went missing years ago.

Moonwatcher1904 Sun 09-Apr-23 16:49:08

I have an old Be-Ro recipe book which belonged to my mum and use that more than anything. It's so well used I have laminated it. I have a more up to date version but use the older one more.

Dempie55 Sun 09-Apr-23 16:49:53

Definitely Delia Smith. I'm on my third copy now, first two fell apart!

spottybook Sun 09-Apr-23 16:55:41

GH book 1972 bought for my 21st birthday. It is falling apart now, not helped by throwing it at my husband in an argument during our early marriage (I missed and it landed on the floor)! We are still together 48 years later.

ginny Sun 09-Apr-23 17:00:39

Mary Berry, Delia Smith and Good Food. Also the odd recipe that pops up on line or in a magazine.

kittylester Sun 09-Apr-23 17:05:28

Delia, Nigella and Nigel Slater. But, also, stuff from all over the place kept in a folder.

A recipe we love is for Paprika Chicken from a 1972 Nationwide recipe book. Of course, it no longer resembles the original recipe at all.

Judy54 Sun 09-Apr-23 17:05:45

Margaret Pattern Cookery in colour circa 1968. Still use it today . Luckily it is a hardback which has kept it in relatively good but well used condition. Always useful for many recipes.

SachaMac Sun 09-Apr-23 17:09:43

I have many recipe books but I do tend to stick to certain ones. The oldest ones I own and use a lot are:
The Bero baking book that my Grandma gave to me when I got married in the late 70’s & The Dairy Book of British Food that my mum brought me decades ago. Both have served me well over the years.

More recently it’s the Hairy Bikers and Pinch of Nom books.

overthehill Sun 09-Apr-23 17:13:40

Mrs Beetons book of home management. My mum bought it for me when I wed husband no.1 and I still have it and use it occasionally.

pascal30 Sun 09-Apr-23 17:41:56

Cranks cook book

Sarah75 Sun 09-Apr-23 17:47:49

Rose Elliot’s Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. Nut roasts, quiches, sugar free Christmas cake……

Grannyben Sun 09-Apr-23 17:52:55

Another one here with a well thumbed Delia Smiths Complete Cookery book. Unfortunately my mother felt her kitchen was her domain so, I was never allowed in. Without Delia, I think my family would have starved

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 09-Apr-23 18:01:36

Delia’s Cookery Course (I’m on my third copy), the Constance Spry Cookery Book (the inscription reads ‘to my sweet wife on her 26th birthday’), Diane Henry, Nigel Slater and Nigella. I have a multitude of cookery books and probably use one or two recipes out of each.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 09-Apr-23 18:02:21

I forgot about the Hairy Bikers! All their recipes work.

M0nica Sun 09-Apr-23 18:12:57

The Penguin Cookery Book by Bee Nilso.n.

I am on my third or fourth copy. It is long out of print. DiL swears by the same cook book

Ilovecheese Sun 09-Apr-23 18:19:10

Most used is Be ro, but lots of others as well.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 09-Apr-23 18:24:44

Probably my old GH cookery book circa 1970, but mostly I use recipes I have copied from magazines and the internet. Cooking one right now taken from a newspaper supplement last week. 🤞

Fleurpepper Sun 09-Apr-23 18:29:37


I have an old Be-Ro recipe book which belonged to my mum and use that more than anything. It's so well used I have laminated it. I have a more up to date version but use the older one more.

YES, love my Be-Ro book.

I have loads of others, but most of the time do not follow recipe. Either too fussy and complicated, or don't have some of the ingredients, or want to use ingredients I've got.

Sago Sun 09-Apr-23 18:42:53

Delia’s Complete Cookery circa 1983.
It was my bible.

I was married with a child at 20 and clueless.
My mother was a bad and resentful cook, everything was served with a big dollop of resentment.
She had taught me nothing.

Delia however gave me confidence to become a good and competent home cook.

I still have my original stained and spineless copy.

Thank you Saint Delia.

Jaxjacky Sun 09-Apr-23 18:46:22

Delia, then Jamie Oliver, the last ten years or so it’s online too, so a range of recipes, or ingredients are searched for.

Blossoming Sun 09-Apr-23 19:10:57

A very old Reader’s Digest Cookery Yesr. My favourite pages have a few splash marks!

Galaxy Sun 09-Apr-23 19:15:11

Delia, Jamie and online BBC good food

Blondiescot Sun 09-Apr-23 19:16:21

I have lots of cookery books, and I'm not sure there's any particular one I use more than others. I'm quite an instinctive cook, so I tend to just wing it as I go, except when it comes to baking, which calls for precision - and then I often google a particular recipe. My favourite cookbook is probably Ozlem's Turkish Table by Ozlem Warren, which I use to recreate some of our favourite Turkish dishes.

Maggymay Sun 09-Apr-23 19:16:36

Marguerite Patten Everyday Cookbook, I am on my second one the first one was used so much it fell apart.