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🐟 Unsuccessful fish dinner 🐟

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Joseann Thu 25-May-23 19:33:27

I thought I'd treat us to the catch of the day recommded by a Cornish fishmonger tonight. It was pink bream. I think I cooked it properly in the pan but it was chewy if that makes sense. The texture was very dense, firm, like chewy meat. The flavour wasn't brilliant. Is there a better way to cook it maybe?

Joseann Thu 25-May-23 19:33:47


Riverwalk Thu 25-May-23 19:37:38

I've never heard of pink bream - maybe it's like red mullet which is very dense and meaty and more suitable for stew-type cooking.

Redhead56 Thu 25-May-23 19:57:30

I cook bream (not pink) wrapped in foil with herbs wine and butter or spread. Also in foil with ginger garlic spring onion and splash of soya and it’s a nice soft texture.

MiniMoon Thu 25-May-23 20:18:40

I think I would have baked it. I do a lovely tray bake with bell peppers, courgettes onion and potatoes. Bream would go well with it.

Norah Thu 25-May-23 20:24:36

We cook bream, for daughters, "En Paplliote" using white wine.

margauxbordeaux Thu 01-Jun-23 19:41:57

Pink bream could be Brill ..
Salmonettes or Red Mullet are small and light red ..
Sea bream is silver with deep rose markings ..

En papilliote or baked on the Brill of Sea Bream or wrapped in foil.

Salmonettes are best grilled or sautΓ©ed until the white flesh is tender.

margauxbordeaux Thu 01-Jun-23 19:47:44

Note: Salmonettes or Red Mullet can also be prepared in Papillote or foil.

However, I usually have my fish monger slice open the fish and place in Papillote ..