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I thought some of you might like this….

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Witzend Sat 08-Jul-23 20:15:11

I really felt like that tonight (very busy day) but contrived something simple anyway.

merlotgran Sat 08-Jul-23 20:16:32

That would make a very good fridge magnet. 🤣

GrannyGravy13 Sat 08-Jul-23 20:17:34

My sort of woman 👏👏👏

We were out till the early hours this morning, DH asked what was for dinner I responded no idea just had a Chinese takeaway…

tanith Sat 08-Jul-23 20:31:44

🤣 love it.

fancythat Sat 08-Jul-23 21:33:26

That's funny!

At least my DH will eat almost anything put in front of him.
But I would happily never peel a potato ever again.

grandMattie Sun 09-Jul-23 05:21:23

Love it!
I gave up peeling potatoes years ago. One Christmas, I spent hours peeling them, no one notices the naked roasties! Never did it again. 😂

BigBertha1 Sun 09-Jul-23 06:51:34

I feel like this everyday. I would just be happy with cheese and crackers every night for dinner.

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 09-Jul-23 07:29:13

Totally get this! We are having a week of family time, including the far flung contingent, totalling 15: endless catering, dishwasher, table laying and clearing..
It's wonderful, but when they all go I will enjoy a recovery week of bread and cheese, possibly eaten from the bread board to save on plates.

Gingster Sun 09-Jul-23 07:56:12

Yep, me too

Gala Sun 09-Jul-23 08:55:19

On a similar note.....

Witzend Sun 09-Jul-23 08:57:48

Love it, Gala!

Luckygirl3 Sun 09-Jul-23 10:58:17

I do understand that. Sometimes I look back and think that I produced 3 meals a day for 5 people over decades - how the hell did I do that? I now eat the same few meals on a cycle as I am all cooked out.

Shelflife Sun 09-Jul-23 11:04:16

I know exactly how she feels. Me too luck girl! I am fed up of thinking what to cook and then cooking it!

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 09-Jul-23 12:13:12

My kind of girl Gala!

Gala Mon 10-Jul-23 13:49:00

Bought for my DiL. She has already perfected "the face".😁

lilydily9 Mon 10-Jul-23 15:46:53

My kinda gal! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

dogsmother Mon 10-Jul-23 15:56:31

It just all gets sooooo boring. I mean I really just cba sometimes and that goes for eating too so why do we have to be worried about everyone else too!

Jaxjacky Mon 10-Jul-23 16:16:25

I gave my daughter this birthday card last week, she’s doing Slimming World.

Pearlsaminger Mon 10-Jul-23 16:17:46

On Sunday I cba to faff around with cooking. So we had an ‘iffits’ dinner.

If it’s there you can have it!

Cheese and crackers on a paper plate, with some grapes and sliced apple.

Best Sunday dinner for a long time. Tasty… No cooking. No mess. No washing up!


Witzend Mon 10-Jul-23 16:21:29


I gave my daughter this birthday card last week, she’s doing Slimming World.

Love that card! I sent it to someone a while ago.

foxie48 Mon 10-Jul-23 16:36:42

I often make a meal that's enough for three (there's just two of us), then I ask OH if he's happy to have it a second day, he know if he asks what else is there, I'll just say "nothing". I'm happy with cheese, fruit and crispbreads.

MerylStreep Mon 10-Jul-23 16:45:27

I know how lucky I am that I haven’t had to cook or food shop for about 20 years.
My OH likes doing it, I don’t.

polly123 Mon 10-Jul-23 17:19:54


nipsmum Mon 10-Jul-23 17:32:29

How often would we all like to do that .??

markrob007 Mon 10-Jul-23 17:36:12

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