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What a twit (sponge cake)

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Witzend Thu 13-Jul-23 12:26:06

Neighbours coming to tea later (belated return invitation) so I’ve made a Vic.sponge. Didn’t wait long enough for it to cool before picking up to peel the lining paper off the bottom - one half started to break! Obvs. that will be the bottom layer - I dare say it’s going to show when slicing, but heigh ho, can’t do owt about it now.

Beechnut Thu 13-Jul-23 12:50:09

They are coming to see you Witzend, cake is a bonus 🍰

Blondiescot Thu 13-Jul-23 13:24:55

As my dear old dad used to say, "Oh well, it's going to get a lot more broken up where it's going!" Homemade cake will always be appreciated, Witzend.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 13-Jul-23 13:31:11

I did just that with last year’s Christmas cake. Fortunately the bits came together again, sort of, and when decorating it I surreptitiously marked the area only to be cut and eaten by us. I also said why, after all these years of making cakes? I’m sure yours will be fine and much enjoyed.

Hetty58 Thu 13-Jul-23 13:33:54

I doubt anyone would notice - and home made sponge cake is just lovely!

mimismo Fri 14-Jul-23 12:32:15

Never having made a sponge in my life I'm impressed anyway!! Also I'm used to my mum's various failures which were always eaten with delight despite their appearance.

nipsmum Fri 14-Jul-23 13:19:07

I had a mishap with a box of homemade Shortbread. It was eaten anyway. It still tasted great.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 14-Jul-23 13:35:09

Cake is cake and always welcome. If you need it disposing of, I can come round and help out!

LRavenscroft Fri 14-Jul-23 13:40:18

A cousin of mine who lives in Europe sent us some homemade Christmas biscuits one year. When they arrived we opened the box excitedly. 'Oh, crumbs, I uttered!'. The travel and lack of good packaging had reduced them to a box of crumbs. Shame to waste them, I made the most delicious boozy trifle! Waste not want note.

Maggiemaybe Fri 14-Jul-23 13:59:06

I made a large chocolate cake using an American recipe and cup measurements for DGS2's birthday party last week. I somehow misread the measurements for all the dry ingredients - when I realised I had to recalculate and rejig everything else and was fearing the worst when it took an hour longer to bake than the recipe stated. It was delicious (and they weren't just saying that because they saved me a bit!).

sunglow12 Fri 14-Jul-23 14:40:24

I decided to make some buns for some friends but turned the knob to grill instead of oven - they went down well despite being a bit burnt on top and soggy at the bottom . 🧁 🧁

Primrose53 Fri 14-Jul-23 14:45:27

I made a sponge pudding recently and was so pleased with myself as I don’t often make these and mixed the butter, sugar and flour together and put in pudding bowl on top of marmalade. It didn’t look quite right so I looked at recipe and I had forgotten to add beaten eggs. Scooped it all out (with bits of marmalade!) beat the eggs and stirred them in. Turned out OK.

Candelle Fri 14-Jul-23 16:53:04

I'm not the only one to be puzzled at having ingredients 'left over' as I am about to place a cake into the oven!

The number of times I have not added everything (mostly eggs)... I, too have scooped mixtures back into the mixing bowl before adding errant ingredients and amazingly, they are usually fine and perfectly edible!

Candelle Fri 14-Jul-23 16:54:48

Whizzy new oven delivered today so I shall be expecting even better outcomes from myself in the culinary department!

nadateturbe Fri 14-Jul-23 17:04:20

It will taste just as nice and they will appreciate homemade!

MayBee70 Fri 14-Jul-23 17:05:58

I thought you were going to say you forgot to add the egg which is what I came close too the other day when making some tea bread!

MibsXX Fri 14-Jul-23 18:07:59

Oh dear, you cannot possibly serve that, here, let me PM you my address and I'll discreetly dispose of it for you! :-)

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 14-Jul-23 18:20:16

You’re too late MibsXX - I got there first! To rub salt into the wound, it was fabulous …

foxie48 Fri 14-Jul-23 18:25:02

I bought a rather flat looking chocolate sponge at a charity event and they had used salt instead of caster sugar so a bit of broken sponge is absolutely "nothing". Have a lovey time with your visitors.

MibsXX Fri 14-Jul-23 18:41:17

Damn and blast it, I'd settle for a few crumbs though? Been a loong while since I ate cake

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 14-Jul-23 18:50:33

Sorry, if only I’d known - I’m such a gannet, not a crumb left. If there’s another cake catastrophe reported, I promise not to hog it. But just think how virtuous you are, while I’m wondering how to burn off all the —delicious— calories …

Greyduster Fri 14-Jul-23 19:00:28

I made a base recently for a strawberry sponge flan that I had made a thousand times before and they are always spot on. This time I couldn’t understand why it came out of the oven looking like a giant Yorkshire pudding until I tasted it! I’d forgotten to put the sugar in it! It went into the bin. Fortunately it was quick and easy to knock up another one. It’s annoying that my Yorkshire puddings don’t come out looking that good!

Grandma70s Fri 14-Jul-23 19:01:27

When I was first married, a very long time ago, I had a wonderful little book called The Awful Cook’s Book, which described how to disguise things that went wrong..

Vintagenonna Fri 14-Jul-23 19:05:48

I read that 'Girl Dinner' is the latest food style. No cooking or prepping, just gathering together bits you like and eating them.

Wonder what DH would say to marmite and banana sandwiches for dinner.

Foxygloves Fri 14-Jul-23 19:06:30


When I was first married, a very long time ago, I had a wonderful little book called The Awful Cook’s Book, which described how to disguise things that went wrong..

Could have been written for me! 😳