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Seeking advice about porridge oats

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Caleo Fri 21-Jul-23 11:56:34

I used to be able to buy the sort of rolled oats that when mixed with water , stirred, and boiled within a few minutes of simmering became a smooth glutinous paste.

My problem is I have bought some sort of porridge oats that when raw seem to me to be larger grains and which never boil so they are smooth and creamy.

Can someone tell me how to select rolled oats that are smallish grains and rapidly become smooth when simmered?

Blondiescot Fri 21-Jul-23 12:03:05

Scott's Porage Oats are usually pretty good - but Tesco (at least here in Scotland) sell bags of 'Scottish Oats' which seem to give a pretty similar result.

Elegran Fri 21-Jul-23 12:33:30

Avoid any which are labelled "Jumbo oats" They are OK in muesli etc but they don't "cook down" so well as porridge. That said, some normal sized oats do seem to be tougher than others. Longer cooking may soften them.

Like Blondiescot I buy Scotts Porage Oats or Tesco's own brand Scottish Oats (I suspect they come from Scott's factory), but they may not be available where you live.

I cook them in the microwave - one measure of rolled oats to four of water, or water and milk, plus a pinch of salt, stirred then given five minutes on full power. Not stirred again until the five minutes are up - just long enough to make tea or coffee and get the rest of the breakfast ready. They need plenty of space to boil up or they overflow all over the turntable.

Elegran Fri 21-Jul-23 12:34:01

Tesco's own are cheaper and good.

Baggs Fri 21-Jul-23 12:41:22

Leaving oats soaking in water (or milk and water) overnight in your fridge means they only need a minute or two in the microwave to cook.

When porridge was generally made using oatmeal as opposed to rolled oats (Americans call rolled oats oatmeal, I believe), soaking overnight was standard.

toscalily Fri 21-Jul-23 12:47:11

I bought some of the jumbo oats, but only once. They seemed to be too rough (tough) and as you say never cooked to be creamy. I use the microwave method now too half milk and water, in the bowl, very quick and no pan to wash up after. I usually buy Quaker or Scotts but have also bought Sainsbury's own.

Calendargirl Fri 21-Jul-23 12:59:25

I buy Tesco’s Scottish Oats which are ok. Used to buy Scott’s or Quaker, but got so expensive.

Tried the basic Tesco ones, but they seemed to go down in quality.

aggie Fri 21-Jul-23 13:18:55

I use Lidl porridge oats , cooked in the microwave , I use water , but milk is a lot creamier

kittylester Fri 21-Jul-23 13:27:21

What aggi said but I use Sainsbury's gf.

Freya5 Fri 21-Jul-23 14:00:21

I use Aldi organic oats, usually use water ,occasionally milk, but they cook down creamy either way I find.

wildswan16 Fri 21-Jul-23 14:04:07

I use Aldi oats. Left to soak in boiling water overnight, then just 60 - 90 secs microwave next morning.

nadateturbe Fri 21-Jul-23 14:17:25

Tesco and Sainsburys are both ok. Must try Lidl's.
Whites are too glutinous imo. Jumbo don't soften easily.
i much prefer them cooked on the hob, 1/3 milk.

Patsy70 Fri 21-Jul-23 15:16:01

I buy Lidl’s porridge oats, and cook on the hob. Always creamy with milk & water (plus honey, fruit & yogurt added afterwards.)

Blossoming Fri 21-Jul-23 15:24:37

Lidl simply porridge oats with semi skim milk, cooked in the microwave. Topped with a little honey, dried fruit, flaked almond or whatever’s in the cupboard. Cranberry and flaked almonds I’d my favourite topping.

Daisymae Fri 21-Jul-23 15:29:14

I use 50:50 oat milk to water. Think that there might be a few less calories, and still get a good result. I agree with what's been said about jumbo oats, much rougher texture. I don't soak overnight, just while I'm making tea etc. , Then microwave in a glass jug. Works every time.

Maremia Fri 21-Jul-23 15:40:40

We use Flahavan's Irish porridge oats, and mix in all sorts of deliciousness. You can microwave it or cook on the hob.

BigBertha1 Fri 21-Jul-23 15:57:49

Indeed don't buy the Jumbo ones- DH loves them but they indigestible to me. I use them for making flapjack topping for crumbles though. I am a prole when it comes to porridge. I like the instant stuff with honey.

P.S. I pass the Mornflake factory on my way to the golf club - the lorries block the narrow lane - bit like the jumbo oats and my husbands elementary canal. smile

shysal Fri 21-Jul-23 17:49:58

I like the Fahavans multiseeded porridge oats. Becomes creamy after 3 minutes on the hob, with the added bite of seeds.
When I am feeling naughty I bury a teaspoon of Nutella in the bowl when served! blush

Treebee Fri 21-Jul-23 19:27:45

I mix Quaker Jumbo and rolled oats together, I’d say a quarter Jumbo, three quarters rolled.
We find all Jumbo is too chewy, all rolled too glutinous.
I make it in the microwave with semi skimmed milk and a little salt. Blueberries on top.

Liaise Fri 21-Jul-23 19:28:12

I always cook jumbo oats. They just need a bit longer. The flavour is much better and hopefully more of the goodness is left after processing. Best made with whole cream milk.

Redhead56 Fri 21-Jul-23 19:30:46

I have Scott’s porridge oats blue box I make them with water bubbling gently on the stove. Top them with milk and a spoon of sugar perfect every time.

MrsKen33 Fri 21-Jul-23 19:48:09

I use Jumbo oats and soak them in almond milk overnight. Then cook in the morning. My grandfather always put salt on his, but I add berries, apple, nuts etc . Plus cream or maple syrup.

Grannyben Fri 21-Jul-23 20:08:35

Another one for Flahavans here! I know they might be a little bit more expensive than shop brands but its one thing I won't be cutting back on.

nadateturbe Fri 21-Jul-23 23:17:13

I forgot to add, we usually buy Flahavans and we add blueberries and a tbs Greek yogurt. Honey/sweetener.

watermeadow Sat 22-Jul-23 21:14:55

I can’t be bothered doing assorted fancy things to the humble oat, I don’t even cook them. I pour on boiling water, wait a couple of minutes then eat. Definitely no milk. Supermarket’s own brand oats, dirt cheap and full of goodness.