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Non-alcoholic wine

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ExDancer Tue 01-Aug-23 11:36:02

We have been invited to a charity dinner on Friday.
I am on morphine (well fentanyl) patches and should not drink, so for this reason I try to avoid attending these kind of "do's".
I am fed up with orange, cola, and such although I have found a non-alcoholic lager from Becks which I quite like, but my bladder can't cope with more than half a pint or I'm off to the loo all evening (difficult when you aren't very mobile).
Can anyone recommend a white wine that's palatable so I'm not constantly drawing attention to myself? All suggestions appreciated.

Theexwife Tue 01-Aug-23 12:17:10

Choose the non-alcohol variety of the wine you drink, I like the Pinot from M&S.

The first time I had it I kept checking that it was zero as I felt slightly drunk, apparently this can happen as it boosts dopamine levels if you have previously had alcohol and experienced that feeling.

Katie59 Tue 01-Aug-23 12:23:48

When we go out for a drive to a garden or stately home we take a picnic and have a relaxing lunch with a bottle of Eisberg which is our favourite.

Very little choice and you have to look for non alcoholic drinks on the shelves

Blondiescot Tue 01-Aug-23 12:26:39

It's getting better to find it in the supermarkets - harder when you are out and about in restaurants, bars etc. Maybe check with the venue beforehand to see what, if any, non-alcoholic wines they stock?

Grantanow Tue 01-Aug-23 12:26:42

Yes you can get it as above. Check it's zero and not simply light. It's got better in taste over the years.

Redhead56 Tue 01-Aug-23 12:42:02

Just grape juice or Appletise nice drinks why pay for non alcoholic wine. I was looking at non alcoholic drinks so expensive it’s a waste of money.

Jaxjacky Tue 01-Aug-23 12:50:55

I have yet to find a drinkable 0 alcohol white wine, I have lime and soda.

Purpledaffodil Tue 01-Aug-23 13:17:02

Find na Prosecco palatable. Nosecco? From Tesco but lots of choice. Previously never found a na wine worth drinking and stuck to beer and cider with 0% alcohol
0% gin is very good too.

HousePlantQueen Tue 01-Aug-23 13:18:36

I too have yet to find a drinkable non alcohol wine, they are so sweet I find. Like you, i get tired of cola, orange etc, so generally ask for elderflower, sparkling if possible. Either that or one of the nice Fever Tree tonics with ice. Any decent venue should have it, the Mediterranean one is nice

Visgir1 Tue 01-Aug-23 13:30:41

I agree I can't find a decent Alcohol wine. They have hit it with Beers lots of nice ones now, the Alcohol Gins are good as well, tbh the Tonic makes the difference with those , but still looking for the wine.

NotTooOld Tue 01-Aug-23 13:57:54

I like Eisberg wine but as someone above has said, non-alcohol gin is also good.

Cambia Wed 02-Aug-23 11:43:44

Sainsbury do a non alcoholic sparkling white wine which is the only non alcoholic wine I can bear and I have tried most! Love a glass of wine but try to cut down on my units. Still haven’t found any other non alcoholic wines that are palatable. Tend to drink water rather than sugar filled soft drinks.

ExaltedWombat Wed 02-Aug-23 11:53:21

No need to be embarrassed about only drinking tap water.

Cagsy Wed 02-Aug-23 11:56:10

There seem to be quite a few non or low alcohol beers now but I’m yet to find an acceptable wine or spirit alternative. I do find this an issue as I hate sweet drinks so it tends to be tonic water or just tap water - but I’d rather use public transport or taxis when going out so I can enjoy a nice glass of wine, or two!

Doodledog Wed 02-Aug-23 12:02:08

I agree that the supermarket sparkling wines are the best, but you have to take what's available when out and about.

I'm surprised that pubs and restaurants haven't cottoned on to the growing market in non-drinkers. Driving, religious and health reasons all contribute to this market, and drinking isn't fashionable amongst younger people any more.

I don't drink for health reasons, but struggle to find a decent alternative. I tend to get a soda water with a wedge of lime or lemon and ice. I prefer it to lime cordial. It's not actively enjoyable, but at least it's not unpleasant grin. I no longer think in terms of going out for a drink, but concentrate on the food, or the company as a reason for going.

amazonia Wed 02-Aug-23 12:06:02

They're all disgusting in my opinion. The 0 Frexeinet sparkling is acceptable. Beers aren't bad but I hate too much fizzy pop so end up with sparkling water or lime and soda.

Blondiescot Wed 02-Aug-23 12:06:12


No need to be embarrassed about only drinking tap water.

I don't think anyone is, but it's just nice from time to time to feel like you're having a 'proper' drink that's not just cola etc.

icanhandthemback Wed 02-Aug-23 12:17:58

I haven't drunk alcohol for nearly 30 years now and it seems to bother other people more than it bothers me. I can't do sugary drinks and can't have caffeine late in the day so I can't do the only sugar free option of Cola. The only other option seems to be slimline tonic which I can't stand. Occasionally, if I feel like a sugar hit, I drink lime and soda. I have got very used to tap water and now enjoy it as much as people are enjoying their alcoholic drinks. The difference is, I remain clear headed (well, as clear as I ever am) and don't get over emotional.

ExDancer Wed 02-Aug-23 12:30:02

I must say I agree the zero wines and beers are pretty disgusting, and I;m afraid I find Eisberg disgusting (all a matter of taste). I would happily be the designated driver but at under 5ft tall I cannot reach the pedals safely in my husband's huge car and he won't be seen in my little Corsa - the great big silly snob!
Back to the subject - do pubs and restaurants generally have zero gin? Is it tolerable with tonic?
I'd never heard of it!

Amalegra Wed 02-Aug-23 12:35:13

There is gradually a sea change coming to pubs and restaurants in that some are offering a better range of na and soft drinks. I often have just soda water, lemon and ice if there is nothing available other than the usual cola, lemonade etc. or coffee, but often the cups are so small making it expensive. I don’t drink for health reasons and socialising is often a challenge. Often people think I am just being awkward when I bemoan the lack of alcohol alternatives. One reception I went to had nothing but the usual colas etc and not even coffee. The next was awash with wonderful choices. So it does vary

Doodledog Wed 02-Aug-23 13:09:41

I have to say that the cost of a soda with ice and a slice is often extortionate! I paid £2.50 in a restaurant recently, whereas in some places it counts as water and is free.

I don't mind paying to sit in a heated place and be served a drink, but £2.50 for a small glass of water is ridiculous. I dread to think what it would cost in London.

PinkCosmos Wed 02-Aug-23 14:28:04

The non alcoholic wines all taste very sweet to me, though they have improved recently.

I struggle to know what to drink if I don't drink wine. I am not keen on beer, spirits or coke

I end up drinking either Old Jamaica Ginger Ale, Appletise, lime and soda or ,occasionally, shandy.

When we are abroad I drink Nestea Lemon Ice Tea. It is the same as Lipton's Lemon Ice Tea. Very refreshing in the heat and non alcoholic. Not too sweet or high in calories. I don't think they sell it in pubs or restaurants here though.

62Granny Wed 02-Aug-23 14:34:13

I have been recently told by someone that the non alcoholic gin they had was lovely, or I quite like just the tonics with ice and a slice nice too.

Cid24 Wed 02-Aug-23 15:02:35

Have you tried Kombucha? Hip pop is a nice make. And not too sweet either.
And the “pretend” gin is surprisingly good too.

halfpint1 Wed 02-Aug-23 15:42:39

I have a 00 beer when i'm out for a meal and put it in a
wine glass. Does the trick for me.