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Very weird gazpacho!

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Witzend Thu 31-Aug-23 13:20:05

Had this in a restaurant in Bordeaux the other day. I really like gazpacho, but it came with small slices of what looked like virtually raw veal on top!

Honestly, WTF? Has anyone else come across similar?
BiL who was with us is a very Francophile, bilingual foodie who’s lived in France, and still spends much of the year there, and even he was nonplussed.

I don’t eat veal anyway, and certainly didn’t fancy this. BiL said his was too tough to eat anyway - isn’t veal supposed to be very tender?
The actual gazpacho was nice, though!

NotSpaghetti Thu 31-Aug-23 16:50:55

I haven't heard of this.
Was it definitely veal?

NotSpaghetti Thu 31-Aug-23 16:52:11

... but I did just find this...

Witzend Fri 01-Sep-23 09:19:42


I haven't heard of this.
Was it definitely veal?

Yes, definitely. We asked.

bakinbread Thu 14-Sep-23 13:03:29

I'm grateful to have not run into such a gazpacho in my life so far...

NotSpaghetti Fri 15-Sep-23 14:20:21

Does not sound delicious, I agree