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Tesco Milk.

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Calendargirl Wed 13-Sep-23 06:31:02

Has anyone else had problems with the 4pint/2.27litres of Tesco skimmed milk?

DH and I get through quite a lot of milk. Just opened a brand new container this morning to make our porridge, refrigerated since purchase and dated 17th September. Looked thick and after one heat up the porridge is clogged and unusable.

This will be the third time in the last couple of months I shall be trekking back with my milk and receipt.

Why? The milk is stored in the refrigerator straight after purchase, and is always the newest on the shop shelf. I buy it once a week and is used up before the ‘use by’ date.

Is it just me?

Katie59 Wed 13-Sep-23 06:58:58

A supermarket will have a strict temperature control policy if the limits are exceeded during a power cut or refrigeration failure the whole lot gets dumped.
The efficiency of many fridges in the home are way below standard, not to mention hot weather on the way home, that’s by far the most likely cause of souring.

Grannynannywanny Wed 13-Sep-23 06:59:49

I can’t say I’ve found this and I buy my milk in tesco. I’m usually using the 4 pint beyond its date to finish it. Is it possible you need to adjust the fridge temperature?

Coolbreeze Wed 13-Sep-23 07:11:21

Funny should read this today because yesterday morning while pouring my first morning cuppa I found the milk had suddenly gone off as were lumpy . I’d only bought it from Tesco just the other day and we’re still in date .
Same happened with a loaf of their seeded bread, the day after I’d bought it it seemed very stale . The date wasn’t up . I took the loaf back to exchange it for another one . I didn’t like to go and take the milk back also .

Calendargirl Wed 13-Sep-23 07:25:49

Thanks for comments so far.

We do our weekly shop as soon as the store opens at 8, we are home again by 8.30 and milk is then refrigerated, so not like shopping in the middle of a hot day.

The fridge thermometer says the temperature in fridge is fine, and the fridge seems very cool. The yoghurts in there also seem ok.

I’m at a loss really. Shall ask if they have had other complaints about it lately when I return with my unused milk.

tanith Wed 13-Sep-23 07:25:57

I’ve not had a problem with Tesco milk I find it often lasts well beyond use by date but found they never quibble about returned food always happily replaced or refunded. Could it be your fridge needs adjusting?

Oldnproud Wed 13-Sep-23 07:35:00

I've not had any problems with our Tesco milk.
It is ten days since I last had a delivery from them, and the milk brought then was still OK when we used up the last drop yesterday evening.

Maggiemaybe Wed 13-Sep-23 07:58:39

We have a milkman so ours is delivered. But coincidentally we found that our one weekly bottle of oat milk was off this time, which we put down to how stupidly hot it was on Saturday morning. The normal milk was fine. It’s delivered at 6 and was brought in at 8 and we’ve never had a problem before.

Jaxjacky Wed 13-Sep-23 08:01:34

We get 4pt delivered weekly from Tesco and am using last Friday’s, no problems.

granfromafar Wed 13-Sep-23 08:12:57

I think it's just the unusually hot weather we've had recently. I had to throw out the end of a 4pt milk (Ocado) which was still in date. It looked and smelled fine but curdled when put in tea.

lizzyb Wed 13-Sep-23 08:29:58

Haven't had any problems with the milk in Tesco but have had to trek back with fruit (grapes and tomatoes) which when opened have been mouldy inside.

FindingNemo15 Wed 13-Sep-23 08:46:41

I too have found this with milk. Has to be thrown away before the date printed on the container. Not just Tesco though.

ParlorGames Wed 13-Sep-23 08:56:51

Occasionally, we have had Tesco semi-skimmed milk go sour long before the date printed on the label; there's nothing wrong with our refrigeration temperature either. Quite often, the doors leading from the main shop to the storage facility are open when we've been shopping and it is clear to see the trollies of milk and other perishable items just in the general area and NOT refrigerated, it's not rocket science as to why the food goes off so quickly.

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 09:02:33

Shop somewhere else.

eazybee Wed 13-Sep-23 12:11:59

I have noticed this with my milk from Tesco's but as I use very little milk 2, and occasionally 4, pints lasts me a long time and although within use by date, it has been in and out of the fridge.
What I do notice is the refrigerators at my small local Tesco's are constantly breaking down and being repaired, not replaced, and I wonder how efficient they are.

Farmor15 Wed 13-Sep-23 12:18:29

Suggestion about milk going off before date: - I've often found this happens, especially with the larger containers. What I do is transfer from big container to 2 smaller ones, and freeze one. Homogenised milk (most milk is homogenised) freezes well and comes out perfectly well.

shysal Wed 13-Sep-23 14:30:27

This has happened to me a few times in humid weather, despite bring kept in the fridge. Mine was Cravendale.

LovesBach Wed 13-Sep-23 15:22:05

Evidently the life of milk that isn't in a fridge is only thirty minutes, in the sort of weather we have been enduring this past week. It then starts to go off.

Thoro Wed 13-Sep-23 16:18:25

Not had any problems with Tesco's milk. Did buy milk from a small local shop which went off very quickly

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 16:29:09

Suffering from mild lactic intolerance, milk plays a very small part indeed in my life; as a sauce base and in tea, so I use UHT skimmed milk, which is almost totally devoid of taste. I find a litre of UHT milk will last up to a fortnight in the fridge after opening..

Esmay Wed 13-Sep-23 16:30:46

I've had problems with the local shop -their milk went off quickly .
I've also had problems with Iceland milk .
I buy Cravendale , because it doesn't go off .

Maggieanne Thu 14-Sep-23 12:03:44

Some time ago there were complaints about chilled foods such as milk being left outside the shops for long periods of time, this would cause a lot of problems. I regularly buy two pint full fat milk (for my coffee) from Sainsburys and usually throw away half of that because it's gone off. I have seen the local milkman deliver at one am, goodness knows what the quality is like after being outside for hours!

Scribbles Thu 14-Sep-23 12:15:10

I have found that skimmed milk, wherever it's been purchased, tends to go "off" much quicker than semi skimmed or full cream milk, especially in hot and humid weather.

I daresay there's some reason for this, connected to the biochemical effect of removing the cream but I've never bothered to find out. For me, the answer has been to buy semi-skimmed in small bottles and to keep an emergency bottle in the freezer, just-in-case.

cc Thu 14-Sep-23 12:24:21

This is why I buy the filtered milk. It's more expensive but lastsuch longer.

cc Thu 14-Sep-23 12:25:16

Sorry "lasts much longer"