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Famous Authors- Nope

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Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 09:10:23

Some books immediately spring to mind

Keep your home tidy by Angus McOatup
Self Healing by Penny Cillin
Teach yourself the Law by Sue Themall
Any more?

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 09:44:46

The Book Of Payers - by Neil Downe

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 09:45:42

Improve Your Posture - by Stan Duptall

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 09:48:32

Bungee For All - by Lee Pover

Daddima Mon 26-Feb-18 09:58:49

The Nail on the Bannister, by R. Stornoway.

( The old ones are the best!)

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 09:59:21


MawBroon Mon 26-Feb-18 10:00:33

Thank you Daddima
Dealing with Behavioural Problems by Ben Dover

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 10:01:24

Painting Your Home - by Matt Finish

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 10:03:01


MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 10:05:32

Is A High Fibre Diet For You? - by U.R Windy

Lindylo Mon 26-Feb-18 10:52:15

Gardening Tips - by Rosie Thorn

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 10:54:53

Missadventure, you are so knowledgable ! Obviously an avid reader......

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 10:55:47

PS, I think I have that High Fibre diet book blush

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 11:00:34

Difficulty Breathing? By Sal Butomol

Good Works by Ben Evolent

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 11:02:46

Hair loss by Al Opecia

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 11:03:35

Ooh ooh
Coastal Walking by Cliff Topp!

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 11:06:19

oopsadaisy I'm very well read. grin
The Good Parenting Handbook - by I. Wackem

henetha Mon 26-Feb-18 11:08:59

How to land a fighter jet by C.R.Ashing.

How to sail a yacht by Al. Atsee.

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 11:10:06

Your Guide To Laser Eye Surgery - by C. Clearly

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 11:12:29

Does Size Really Matter? - by Ivor Smallun

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 11:15:55

Malaria: The Facts - by Amos Keeto

lemongrove Mon 26-Feb-18 14:53:53

Cliff top tragedy by Eileen Dover
The Bus Conductor by Miles Standing
Size Matters! By Ivor Biggun

jordana Mon 26-Feb-18 15:32:32

Sliding down the bannister by r. Stornoway

MissAdventure Mon 26-Feb-18 15:41:31

Gardening Made Easy - by Iona Barrow

BBbevan Mon 26-Feb-18 16:29:21

The Farmyard by Hoo Flung Dung