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SparklyGrandma Sat 24-Nov-18 20:09:58

Every river shines

Lynne59 Sat 24-Nov-18 20:27:21

November, especially so

ebayqueen Sat 24-Nov-18 22:18:46

Absolutely worn out

Bellanonna Sat 24-Nov-18 22:36:20

Ah, I started the new one this afternoon.

Bellanonna Sat 24-Nov-18 22:47:01

Operation unlikely tomorrow

henetha Sun 25-Nov-18 10:20:31

Rain on Wednesday

Brunette10 Sun 25-Nov-18 15:55:07

Do as yesterday.

gerry86 Sun 25-Nov-18 15:56:38

Daring as you

Brunette10 Sun 25-Nov-18 16:20:05

You opened umbrella.

gerry86 Sun 25-Nov-18 16:53:23

Lovely ladies always

Bellanonna Sun 25-Nov-18 16:57:14

A yearly subscription

farview Sun 25-Nov-18 17:07:09

I'm obviously naughty..

Brunette10 Sun 25-Nov-18 17:59:13

High tides yesterday.

Cherrytree59 Sun 25-Nov-18 19:33:45

Dress all yellow

Brunette10 Sun 25-Nov-18 20:33:39

Lady of wisdom.

popsis71 Sun 25-Nov-18 21:28:56

Dame on mission

Brunette10 Mon 26-Nov-18 07:42:56

I owe nothing1

Bellanonna Mon 26-Nov-18 09:09:18

I need glasses

JessK Mon 26-Nov-18 10:01:08

Seeing every speck

SparklyGrandma Mon 26-Nov-18 10:23:26

Every couple knows...

henetha Mon 26-Nov-18 10:24:00

Eating cooked kippers

henetha Mon 26-Nov-18 10:25:15

Sorry.... posted at same time.

Or warm sausages

Brunette10 Mon 26-Nov-18 11:51:22

Gran's excellent sausages

farview Mon 26-Nov-18 16:29:38

Guests expected Saturday

Brunette10 Mon 26-Nov-18 17:17:25

Doing as yesterday.

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