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Guess the fib

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MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:40:53

Each person has to write 3 'facts' about themself, but one of them is a lie. (Good game for nosy people!)

Hopefully it'll work.. i'll start.

I have worked in a children's nursery.
I have webbed toes.
I have my nose pierced. wink

lemongrove Thu 05-Sep-19 21:42:40

Do we get a prize? 🀣 have worked in a nursery?

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:44:49

Um, well.. no prize, except knowing you're very perceptive.

You just have to say which is the lie, no clues.

lemongrove Thu 05-Sep-19 21:45:34

I nearly always have my nose in a book ( an unpierced nose)
I own two Cairn terriers
I have long layered brown hair

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:46:37

Now look here, wait your turn woman! grin

You have to guess my lie first!

lemongrove Thu 05-Sep-19 21:47:06

Your lie MissA is the nose piercing!

Harris27 Thu 05-Sep-19 21:47:28

You don’t have your nose pierced?

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 21:48:18

So... I can imagine you with a nose piercing, and I could also believe you've worked in a children's nursery (you come across as having the right sort of caring/nurturing attitude). So by my totally illogical process of elimination, I reckon the lie is your webbed toes wink

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:48:21

Nope. That's true, but I hadn't thought about what happens now. blush

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Sep-19 21:49:30


MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:49:33

Oh gawd.
Bathsheba is right.
I don't have webbed toes!

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 21:50:24

Oh heavens! Is it my turn now then? shock

lemongrove Thu 05-Sep-19 21:50:50

This promises to be a great thread.😁

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:51:13

Yes, I think so.
That seems the best plan.

BradfordLass72 Thu 05-Sep-19 21:52:53

I'll just observe if I may, until I get the hang of it....

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 21:53:47

OK then, here goes:

I have never flown in an aircraft
I used to collect porcelain pigs
I have moved house 18 times in my life.

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 21:54:18

Could you explain it to me if you do get the hang of it, Bradfordlass?
I haven't a clue!

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 21:55:25

MissA πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Littleannie Thu 05-Sep-19 21:59:03

I have danced with Wayne Sleep
I have had a book of crossword puzzles published
I have walked from Land's End to John O 'Groats

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 22:01:16

Ooh, all the fibbers are coming out of the woodwork now! smile

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 22:01:49

'ang on a mo! You're supposed to guess the last one before posting your own one Littleannie wink

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 22:02:44

Bathsheba I think your moving 18 times is the fib.

Bathsheba Thu 05-Sep-19 22:03:20

Wrong MissA, sorry wink

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 22:06:30

Well, I'd better leave it to someone else to winkle out your untruth, Bathsheba.

MissAdventure Thu 05-Sep-19 22:09:46


I think the crossword puzzle book is your fib, but I must say, yours are all really good.