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Thursday: Miss Marydoll’s Manic Maths Class for Those Who Enjoy A Maths Challenge.

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Marydoll Thu 16-Apr-20 07:57:02

Good morning all, I have tried to go a little easier on everyone today. wink

Pantglas2 Thu 16-Apr-20 08:04:02

Here I am Miss, with an apple for you .....and I’m first! Can I be your favourite today please?

Is it 36 Miss?

littleflo Thu 16-Apr-20 08:06:01

36 here too

annep1 Thu 16-Apr-20 08:06:40


brook2704 Thu 16-Apr-20 08:10:10

I’ve never been good at maths but got 18 ? 😂😂😂

Beechnut Thu 16-Apr-20 08:16:01


Emma49 Thu 16-Apr-20 08:30:44


crazyH Thu 16-Apr-20 08:41:20


JenniferEccles Thu 16-Apr-20 09:17:01

36 here too

gillybob Thu 16-Apr-20 09:19:26

36 here too (assuming that there are two lots of chips with ketchup in the bottom row) smile

JackyB Thu 16-Apr-20 09:21:19


brook2704 Thu 16-Apr-20 09:23:21

Ahhhh I see now - there’s two lots of chips - thank you gillybob !!
Must try harder 😨 ....

Chewbacca Thu 16-Apr-20 09:24:34

36. Do we have to show our workings out?

trisher Thu 16-Apr-20 09:44:50

Can't do sums all I can think about is nachos and dip.

Marydoll Thu 16-Apr-20 09:48:10

No working please for the moment, as it allows others to have a go.

Chewbacca Thu 16-Apr-20 09:53:49

<Wriggles excitedly, waiting for Miss to ask for workings out>

Doodle Thu 16-Apr-20 09:59:57

Ta da! It’s me Miss Doll. 😇 your little angel has arrived early for class.

Doodle Thu 16-Apr-20 10:02:31

chewy are you wriggling because your excited .......or do you need to go to the 🚾? We don’t want any accidents. Not after what squiffy’s dog did 💩. Oops.

Doodle Thu 16-Apr-20 10:03:44

pantglas teacher’s pet as usual 😡

Doodle Thu 16-Apr-20 10:07:53

I make it 36 too Miss.......eventually 🤔

Chewbacca Thu 16-Apr-20 10:11:03

Bit of both Doodle you know me too well wink

Bathsheba Thu 16-Apr-20 10:16:21

36 Miss! Sorry I'm a bit late Miss, but my baby brother was sick all down my gymslip so I had to go and sponge it all off cos I haven't got another one. I hope I don't smell of baby sick now. I did spray lots of mummy's perfume over it, it was called channel or something. I think I used a bit too much, so I topped it up with water so she wouldn't notice.

Callistemon Thu 16-Apr-20 10:24:28

I got 198

But my mind works differently to everyone else's.
I can understand how everyone else gets 36

So I will just stand in the corner for the rest of the lesson.

trisher Thu 16-Apr-20 10:31:26

It all depends if we are doing place value or addition? (Retires into corner teachers don't like clever clogs!)

Squiffy Thu 16-Apr-20 10:32:18


Morning Doodle! The dog is in Naughty School for the foreseeable future, progress is very slow . . . It's teaching the other dogs bad habits, so is in disgrace. It keeps escaping - think Steve McQueen - but hasn't quite mastered the motorbike. Yet!