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Thursday: Miss MaryDoll’s Truly, Tricky (or not), Testing, Tantalising Maths Teaser..

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Marydoll Thu 30-Apr-20 10:16:49

Good morning all, sorry I'm late, my creaky joints were giving me gyp!

I have been gentle today, so hopefully some newcomers will have a go.

Remember not to post the answers, to allow others to have a go. Feel free to PM, if you want to know if you have the correct answer.

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:25:58

I’m first in 🤩

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:26:49

Cor Miss I bet that prised you. 😀
Getting down to sums befor the noisy lot arrive 😊

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:29:09

Miss I sowy you r poorly. I gived you a little hug and you can borow my teddy🐻 to cudle. 🙂

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:30:35

I dun numer 2 but I not tellin. I wait til latr for the ansr.

Pantglas2 Thu 30-Apr-20 10:31:09

I’m ere two Miss an sorree you got gym this mournin- I done lyk it neether but as I’m Gym Monitor I ave to shoe wyllin! Bacc swn wen I fyne my Thinking 🧢....

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:34:32

😱 I forgit my plimsolls.

mary51 Thu 30-Apr-20 10:34:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mary51 Thu 30-Apr-20 10:37:22

Is there any way of CANCELLING posts. I've done it wrong again!

Marydoll Thu 30-Apr-20 10:40:30

You can report your post to GN and ask them to delete it for you.
Go to the post you are talking about and report.

Marydoll Thu 30-Apr-20 10:45:41

Saxifrage class swot! 🍎🍓 It's Healthy Eating Day !

Marydoll Thu 30-Apr-20 10:47:03

Pantglas 🍎

Sorry about number 2. 😂

Pantglas2 Thu 30-Apr-20 10:47:04

Dus Miss fink it’s Aprel Fwlls Dae? Ave we bin sent on a Wild Moose Chays?🤨

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 10:52:06

I dun them boff now miss but I won tell anyone. 🤫
I no I right coz my boy fren sed so. 😊
Are we still doin gym tody pantglas I got my big navy blue knickers on 😊

mary51 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:02:16

I've reported the posts I made.

Callistemon Thu 30-Apr-20 11:11:24

mary51 go and sit on the norty step

Miss I dun it, eezy peezy, if their rite
Can I go and play now?

Hope you feel better soon.
Have a lick of my 🍭

Puzzler61 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:23:20

Hello Miss and Class. Have you tried some magnesium oil spray for those creaky joints Miss? My sister swears by it (well she would if she swore, but she don’t).
I’ve got the answer to no.2 but I’m gonna hav’ to search for pen and paper again for no.1.......

Missedout Thu 30-Apr-20 11:23:36

I was woching for you to come in Miss, but you sneaked in while we woz in the bike shed (ya no what I mean). Anyway I dun em miss.

Puzzler61 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:24:37

Commiserations mary51, don’ worry. I wuz on the norty step about 10 days ago for the same mistake.

mary51 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:27:31

I might go back to home schooling!

Squiffy Thu 30-Apr-20 11:31:21

Morning Miss. I've sent you some virtual WD40 for your creaky joints smile

I know the answer to the second one, but haven't done the first one yet!

Squiffy Thu 30-Apr-20 11:32:40

Mary51 I'll send Spuggy to come and keep you company on the norty step smile

Doodle Thu 30-Apr-20 11:32:51

No mary stay wiv us. Don worry. You’re welcome.😊
I’ve bin on the norty step too.
missedout who was you wiv in the bike sheds 😱

Feelingmyage55 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:34:39

Miss, I’ve sharpened all my pencils while I was absent but I haven’t sharpened my brain box. I’ll be back.

Feelingmyage55 Thu 30-Apr-20 11:38:26

Clang - the penny has dropped. I’ll be back to check my answers. I can’t do healthy eating day. I’m baking a cake to celebrate the GM birthdays and also Colonel Tom. It would be rude not to eat it when I’ve baked it. I’m not having any tea tonight (aka supper, dinner, evening meal) just cake. 😋