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nanna8 Tue 20-Apr-21 14:07:05

One day Mrs. N. Parker was doing her usual,watching her neighbours from her upstairs bedroom through the net
curtains. She peered at the young couple next door and to her surprise she saw them ....

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 13-Jun-21 10:28:07

"Nothing to see here!" exclaimed Dotty but she thanked them for their concern. "This is just a routine exercise." She brushed herself down and ...

threexnanny Tue 08-Jun-21 18:15:44

Two men dashed up with a stretcher calling out 'who is hurt?' We all looked blank but someone must have called them. Who would do that and why?

Aldom Mon 07-Jun-21 22:46:48

... began filming Dotty as she floated quite beautifully down, till she alighted on the newly mown grass. Dotty sat up looking rather surprised, it was then that she spotted the Air Ambulance. Oh, my goodness me she exclaimed, someone must have dialed 999.....

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 03-Jun-21 16:21:22

land gracefully in the middle of that school playing field. Robert, who never switched off from his filming obsession, whipped out his camera and, having moved the taxi to the side of the grass verge ...

threexnanny Wed 02-Jun-21 17:09:36

one strap broke so she drifted upwards, then the other strap broke! Perhaps I can make my skirt into a parachute and
then ...

Aldom Wed 02-Jun-21 15:51:12

... was she doing with two sandbags attached to her shoulders by straps. No chance of her flying away thought Robert. Dotty began to stir and.....

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 02-Jun-21 15:05:40

Robert gasped as Aunt Dotty suddenly slumped forward. He had to use all his strength and previous experience in odd situations to save the day. What on earth ...

fairfraise Fri 28-May-21 18:15:22

"There's one back at the house" said Daphne. "Get a move on Robert and we'll soon fix you up".

"Well just make sure I don't blow away," said Dotty. "It happened once before and I went high into the sky!"

Ten minutes later...

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 28-May-21 17:33:54

my sumo wrestling outfit is inflatable. If I'm not careful it'll burst with a loud, "Pfft" and then the game will be up. Has anyone a bicycle repair kit handy?"

GoldenLady Tue 25-May-21 15:36:50

many of the homes are unusually large. So, once disguised, I fit right in. But the problem was,

Grannycool52 Tue 25-May-21 08:06:44

My midriff bulge has got out of hand and my old Playtex girdle has given up the ghost. Besides, Margate has an above-average number of sumo wrestlers resident because...

threexnanny Tue 25-May-21 07:28:22

change into my disguise of a Sumo wrestler who's here for a week's holiday in Margate. That always works because....

biglouis Tue 25-May-21 00:40:50

that word has got out about my adventures. Im afraid the Russian mafia will be after me even here in London where I believed I was safe. I will need to

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 15-May-21 10:55:50

"Quick, budge up!" she bellowed. "Move off, I think I'm being followed." My trip last week was meant to be Top Secret, but I fear ...

fairfraise Sat 08-May-21 15:38:15

the sixties. But look she's there. Daphne waved at the figure laden with shopping bags, who bore down on the taxi, and asked how Flora and neighbour Nora were, and who was the fellow in fancy dress.

biglouis Sat 08-May-21 15:20:57

A nightclub in Cairo doing a belly dance and determined to get close with this dangerous international arms dealer. That was her mission. You do know she was recruited by MI6 way back when she was at university in ...

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 08-May-21 14:41:17

But that's nothing to what Aunt Dotty's been up to. You'd never guess from her staid appearance that she's been around the world on some very unusual missions. Why only last week, she was in ...

biglouis Sat 08-May-21 10:57:45

central Africa, deep in the jungle. Hails of bullets flying around my head. I can tell you I have some exciting tales to tell from that adventure.

Ro60 Sat 08-May-21 01:20:39

Peanut butter of course! But ssh or you'll get me the sack. I've got a mortgage, 3 kids & a wife to support just like anyone else. Last week I was a gorilla in....

biglouis Fri 07-May-21 20:38:00

"So whats the commercial advertising then? And how much are they paying you? Do kangaroos need money?"

fairfraise Fri 07-May-21 19:18:42

"Roo, that's me. I have a role in Robert's commercial he's filming".

grannylyn65 Fri 07-May-21 15:38:50

I would have thought that was obvious ,was the reply

biglouis Fri 07-May-21 15:30:49

This was something of a surprise, as they had not been formally introduced. "Whats your name?" She asked.

Dee1012 Fri 07-May-21 09:47:38

Daphne felt something move beside her and when she turned, saw the kangaroo with a hat on.

fairfraise Fri 07-May-21 09:44:36

"But look who's that there? Why it's Robert driving his taxi"
He said, "Hop in the back lady, and off we go!"