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digging up plants

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Weegie1 Fri 20-May-11 16:41:22

My workplace has outdoor brick planters filled with a variety of both bushy and groundcover plants. These planters are to be smashed up to make way for new building. I'm reluctant to see the plants torn up and thrown on a skip and a few colleagues and I have been given permission to dig them up and replant them in our own gardens. Does anyone have any tips on how we could do this without damaging the plants too much. Is it even possible? I'm not an experienced gardner so I'm unsure of what to do.

MrsJamJam Fri 20-May-11 16:47:25

Did them up with as much root and soil attached as you can, and then get them back into the ground as soon as you can.

If its very dry, its a good idea to dig the new hole, fill if with a bucket of water, let it soak in and then put the plant in.

Once planted, you should always water straight away as this helps to stop there being air pockets round the roots.

If things go a bit droopy, a bit of snipping back won't do them harm at this time of year although you might lose some flowers.

Keep them watered till they look well established.

You may lose a few, but definitely well worth a try - they deserve to live!

tjspompa Fri 20-May-11 16:53:18

I have move several mature plants, often at the worst time of year, but if you follow MrsJamJam's excellent advice you stand a good chance. My only addition would be to water them well for a few days before you dig them up. Cutting them back will help as it will reduce the water loss through the leaves.

Weegie1 Sun 22-May-11 17:29:30

Thank you for the replies. We're going to have a go!

GtGran Mon 30-May-11 11:57:15

Hvae just done the annual chelsea chop and I know my well established plants have to be cut back but how upsetting it is to watch all that healthy stuff going.
The arthritis in my hands is difficult so my sons have done it this year and now I have to wait to see if they havent gone too far but it had got very very overgrown after the early sun and that snow in the winter.
I seem to have achieved asequence of blossom. Cherry blossom has gone along with pear the ceamothus has now faded paeonies are out and the orange blossom is about to burst. The acacia and laburnham have also gone. Now I have time to work on the bones which I have eatablished I am so excited Chelsea this year gave me such a buzz because a lot of it was directed at ordinary gardeners not those with pots of money.
I also have a bare shingle patch which I am going to recreat dungeness. they sau a aoman of acertain age discovers god or gardens. Oh the full days to garden.