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Notsogrand Wed 14-Dec-11 20:58:07

Ronald you sound like a man who has an allotment spreadsheet! grin

Carol Wed 14-Dec-11 20:26:30

Well in that case, do you do veg boxes? I'll have a weekly medium size, please! Congratulations ronald - it sounds like you deserved to win with that wonderful variety of produce. What a great way to provide your own home grown food.

greenmossgiel Wed 14-Dec-11 20:24:12

Crikey Ronald! grin

ronald Wed 14-Dec-11 20:20:47

blush Carol you might be sorry you asked that but here goes
Durham Spring Cabbage Celtic Cabbage Tundra Cabbage
Fillbasket Sprouts Medalion Cauliflower Marathon Calabrese
Flyaway Carrots Countess Parsnips Marion Swede
Giant Pascal Celeriac Musselborough Leek Schitzue Japanese Onions
Arctic King Winter Lettuce Winter hardy White Lisbon Spring Onions
and in store
Potatoes Onions Bramley Apples
The Carrots and Celeriac are under covers but still in the ground (mainly to keep the rain off)
Well you did ask grin
Vegetables and Flowers that are ideal for picking are my speciality, not too good on pot plants
Anyway thanks for all your support smile

Carol Wed 14-Dec-11 08:32:19

I'm impressed ronald - congratulations. What was it that won you the competition? What do you have on there at this time of year?

susiecb Wed 14-Dec-11 08:26:02

Well done hhow satisying that must be. Congratulations{fsmile]

JessM Wed 14-Dec-11 07:57:20

Anyone who keeps an allotment going has my respec' too. It is one thing pottering around the garden and another getting down to the allotment and being organised.

bagitha Wed 14-Dec-11 07:05:20

Well done, ronald. I found my allotment a peaceful place to be, perhaps because of the hard work but also because of the sense of achievement. A good achievement for you! Congrats.

grannyactivist Wed 14-Dec-11 01:04:20

Wow - RESPECT to you Ronald (as my son would say). I shall know who to call on for allotment advice in future. smile

greenmossgiel Tue 13-Dec-11 19:09:13

Sorry - I thought I could put a Christmas hat on the wine glass! wine!

greenmossgiel Tue 13-Dec-11 19:08:18

Well done, ronald! [fwine]smile

ronald Tue 13-Dec-11 18:54:30

I have won the local area best allotment cup for the third time.There are about 3000 allotments (only 20 or so went in for it but 3000 sounds better)
Eat your heart out Alan Titchmarshgrin