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I shouldn't be allowed within 10 miles of a garden centre.

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whitewave Thu 16-Apr-15 20:18:30

Went to get some compost today and purchased a paeony which I don't need but couldn't resist - now I have absolutely nowhere to put it.

loopylou Thu 16-Apr-15 20:26:39

DH would say 50 mile radius for me hmm, never yet managed to leave a garden centre with only one purchase, let alone empty handed. I'm sure you'll be able to shoehorn it in somewhere whitewave!

I love peonies, I have my eye on a 'Sarah Bernhardt'..........

whitewave Thu 16-Apr-15 20:32:50

That is another thing!!!! There were 2 sorts there and I thought I had picked up SB but now on getting it home I find it is Shirley Temple. So a few swear words are in order I think.

pompa Thu 16-Apr-15 20:39:26

This is sooooo true for me, I should be banned from being within 20 miles, shame I only live 1/2 mile away.

loopylou Thu 16-Apr-15 20:43:40

I'd be bankrupt if I lived that close........perhaps I'd just move in!

whitewave Thu 16-Apr-15 20:45:20

Yes I am somewhat embarrassed as to how much I spend on plants. Not telling anyone though.

pompa Thu 16-Apr-15 20:51:53

I've only been there 3 times this week, once for lunch.

whitewave Thu 16-Apr-15 20:55:04

We felt very "holier than thou" today as we didn't stop even for a cup of tea, but seeing as I has spent squillions not sure if we could have afforded it.

AlieOxon Thu 16-Apr-15 21:03:21

I went last week to find some capillary matting - and I only bought ONE plant! Wowee!

NotTooOld Thu 16-Apr-15 21:06:52

Garden centres are great though, aren't they? They are developing into complete social centres. DH and I were at a Wyevale today. There was a baby class going on with lots of music and clapping, the café was full of older couples and mothers with children and more children were playing in the soft play area. There were several retail concessions doing a good trade, including a new Brantano shoe shop, and at the front was a newly built 'market stall' selling fresh fruit and veg. The only downside was the coffee, which was horrible, and the raspberries we bought at the market stall were mouldy.

NotTooOld Thu 16-Apr-15 21:07:08

PS they also sold plants!

annodomini Thu 16-Apr-15 21:25:46

Our local Nottcutts is getting more like a department store every time I go there. You enter through a delicatessen, negotiate a furniture department, eventually reach the bird seed and pet food, exit into the live plants, come back into the equipment and through the shoes and clothing to the checkouts. Fish are in a separate area! And Christmas starts in September. Last week I went in for some herb plants and came out with a quilted jacket (on offer) and a bargain pack of 'lady-like' gardening gloves. Today I managed to drive past the place.

merlotgran Thu 16-Apr-15 21:36:04

I usually go to a GC on my own because DH has no interest in them at all. Seeing all the couples and families I feel like Billy No Mates but then I spot the plants and realise what a pain in the arse neck he'd be if he were there!

Scooter58 Thu 16-Apr-15 21:39:47

I am very fortunate,I work in a Garden Centre,no exclusion zone for me ��

annsixty Thu 16-Apr-15 21:50:47

anno but they don't sell "ladies folding walking sticks". I was there yesterday and as I'm having knee probs,I was sure they would have some as they sell everything else,but no!! The very nice assistand told me to try a charity shop.

Mishap Thu 16-Apr-15 21:57:54

Garden centres are treasure troves and magical worlds for children at Christmas - wonderful!

Nelliemoser Thu 16-Apr-15 23:47:36

whitewave Me too I hide the receipts when I have been buying plants. I am planning an outing to a large garden centre near me but if hasn't been as good as it was since being taken over by Wyevale.

They have turned a place that was an excellent plant Nursery and garden centre into a shopping mecca and the quality and range of plants has really suffered.

CeeCee Fri 17-Apr-15 00:42:49

I miss the Garden Centre where we used to live as there was a very large dog crate in the café area where you could leave your dog while you queued for coffee or lunch etc. It was very useful wish more places would do this.

Ceesnan Fri 17-Apr-15 06:39:56

Nelliemoser would that be Bridgemere by any chance? I used to love it, but now it is far too commercial.

kittylester Fri 17-Apr-15 06:41:24

We are surrounded by the blessed things! I've just counted ten within five miles!

We have just cleared two beds so have lots of opportunities for visiting! My favourite for shopping is Notcutts but the best plants come from one in the next village which is family owned and run.

Mamie Fri 17-Apr-15 07:09:01

I do miss garden centres! Here in France they are pretty dreary places and only sell plants, garden tools, lawn mowers and a bit of heavy-duty country clothing. Not a coffee in sight and some of the ones round us obviously don't bother to water the plants very often either.
We do have a very good plant nursery though and last week I bought eight rose bushes for a part of the garden that we are developing this year.
Today we have to lift the turf, which is my least favourite job in the garden. sad

pompa Sat 18-Apr-15 13:25:50

Late second breakfast at local garden center this morning. No plants, just some meal worms for birds. Wanted Salvia "hot Lips" but too early.

janeainsworth Sat 18-Apr-15 13:43:50

As well as being tempted every time I pass the garden centre, our local Waitrose has now started selling plants so I have to run the gauntlet there at least twice a week too.
The annoying thing is that the plants are really good quality making them even harder to resist.
Like mrMerlot, MrA loathes Garden Centres, in particular the aroma of perfumed candles (which he also loathes) which permeates the air in the shopping area of our local one, so when I go there at least I am unencumbered by his presence.

merlotgran Sat 18-Apr-15 13:50:04

Mr M says Garden Centres are like IKEA - places where bad husbands go to do their pennance. hmm

If I make him go with me I quickly lose him because I get so embarrassed at him constantly saying (at the top of his voice) 'HOW MUCH???'

janeainsworth Sat 18-Apr-15 14:01:31

Haha Merlot
I have had to tell MrA off more than once for doing that 'HOW MUCH??' thing in public blush. Most notably in a motorway service station when he said it to the girl on the till who had charged him £8.59 for 2 cups of tea and a scone.
I had to point out that she wasn't personally responsible for the pricing structure and was probably on the minimum wage blushblush