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Plants for shade

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NanaSuzy Thu 28-Mar-19 17:10:10

I have an area of the garden that never really sees the sun. Don't want hostas, as the slugs just murder them. Can anyone suggest anything low-growing and shade-loving? Soil fairly dry as on a bit of a slope.

FountainPen Thu 28-Mar-19 18:01:09

A list here from the RHS:

Gonegirl Thu 28-Mar-19 18:07:19

Creeping Jenny. But it does spread - a lot.

Gonegirl Thu 28-Mar-19 18:08:42

Bugle.But it's boring.

Gonegirl Thu 28-Mar-19 18:09:11

Bluebells! Think beech woods.

Farmor15 Thu 28-Mar-19 23:48:59

Hellebores are good for shady areas and don’t seem bothered by slugs.

Hilltopgran Fri 29-Mar-19 00:53:20

Snowdrops are woodland plants, ferns offer a choice of varieties that do well in shade. I grow Azaleas in shade, lovely spring colour and again in the autumn when the leaves turn red, plus some herbaceous plants are also quite happy in shade I have Phlox for summer colour in shady beds.

NanaSuzy Fri 29-Mar-19 09:50:15

Thanks so much everyone, I love hellebores and have a couple doing well. I shall hie me to a decent garden centre asap, and have a close look at all your suggested plants.

annodomini Fri 29-Mar-19 10:44:40

Perennial geraniums thrive in shade and almost anywhere else in my garden. They come in different sizes and many colours. I agree about hellebores which seed themselves at will in my garden, especially alongside the fence.