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Inspiration sought from keen gardeners

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Jishere Sun 10-May-20 11:36:38

Hi all Has anyone turned tree stumps with left branches into a display or a feature.
I have a few in my garden and I'm considering doing this with.
If anyone has any photos to share that would be great.
Many thanks in advance

Whitewavemark2 Sun 10-May-20 11:39:05

How big are they? And what aspect. If they are clumped together and in a shady aspect, you could make a fern grove with ferns planted into and around the stumps.

Chewbacca Sun 10-May-20 11:46:29

We have a NT gardens near here that has a Stumpery garden section. They've planted mainly ferns, cyclamen and chrocosmia within the stumps and bulbs of snowdrops for Spring. Have a look on line for Stumpery ideas.

Grammaretto Sun 10-May-20 11:53:19

I am making one at the moment. So far it looks very bare and animals have begun burrowing in the soft earth beneath the stump. I have great hopes! grin

J52 Sun 10-May-20 12:02:44

When we moved our new garden had a
Leyllandi hedge at the back, which we cut down ourselves. We left 4 of the trunks at about 4ft. I attached 2 vertical metal trellises to each stump and then spanned the top with horizontal ones. Making a framework for Clematis and climbing roses.

Jishere Sun 10-May-20 12:58:36

Thank you Whitewavemark they are not all clumped together. I have managed to get a few up myself. But that sounds a good idea as yes as two are in quite shady areas by the fence.

Jishere Sun 10-May-20 13:05:13

Yes Chewbacca I have been getting ideas from there as well but I will put in stumpery in search engine.
Let me know Granmaretto how you get on?
Thanks J52 that sounds like a good idea. Hoping that i will soon have enough ideas to turn my garden into a stumpery one.

threexnanny Sun 10-May-20 15:54:08

Prince Charles has a very impressive stumpery at his home, Highgrove.

jacq10 Sun 10-May-20 16:24:42

Have nipped out between snow showers to take this. There used to be a rowan tree in this corner. I know it is supposed to be unlucky to cut one down but it really was in the wrong place. The periwinkle trails through the surrounding area and in the summer I replace the bear with a large pot full of colour. It needs a bit of tidying up there at the moment but not really fit just now but better days coming!

Jishere Mon 11-May-20 12:20:53

Jacq10 thank you that looks well hidden, that looks a nice corner and I bet it looks lovely in the summer.
Glad you avoided the snow although I can't believe you had snow, we had a bit of rain but still windy now.

Threexnanny I will have to Google it. Many thanks

silverlining48 Mon 11-May-20 12:33:41

we added a flat piece of wood and turned our stump into a little table. Put plant pots on it, or it could be a bird table.

Jishere Tue 12-May-20 11:30:01

That sounds interesting thank you Silver lining. They are not that long so it would be a short bird table but still a good idea.