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Asiatic Lily problem

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midgey Sun 17-May-20 20:02:39

Could they be woolly aphids?

MiniMoon Sun 17-May-20 20:01:29

Ah, definitely aphids then.

Just seen the photo.

MiniMoon Sun 17-May-20 20:00:35

Does the fuzz move? If it does, then it sounds like aphids.
I found this on a site about lilies.

The first telltale sign of aphids is the little white 'fuzz'' that appears, usually at the tips of new growth and flower buds. The fuzz is actually the aphid midge (what it is in the first cycle of its life). If you can spot this stage early, you should be able to control them before they get totally out of hand.

Hope it helps.

Greyduster Sun 17-May-20 19:44:46

Sorry forgot the photo!

Greyduster Sun 17-May-20 19:43:35

Managed to get a close up this evening which I think shows a bug. I’ll carry on with the soap and water and have a poke about with a toothpick tomorrow and if it doesn’t work, get something from the garden centre. Thank you ladies.

J52 Sun 17-May-20 15:52:34

I’ve had another thin, while spending the day in the garden. Could they be woolly aphids?
If the soap solution doesn’t work, I think you’ll have to resort to chemical bug spray.
I agree the Lillies look as if this year will be a good one.

Greyduster Sun 17-May-20 12:17:19

I tried wiping it away, J52 but it doesn’t seem as if even if applying some force and a “pinching” motion is going to dislodge those little white threads. I’ve done the soap and water thing and will see if that works. I would hate to lose them. We have a bumper lot of buds this year and I had high hopes for good blooms.

CherryCezzy Sun 17-May-20 12:15:59

I agree J52 it does look like mildew and your suggestion for a dilute wu liquid spray is a good one.

J52 Sun 17-May-20 11:28:22

Hmm, looks like a kind of mildew, or could have a small bug inside the white bit.
My go to environmentally friendly spray is washing up liquid diluted in water. Then gently wipe the affected leaves.

Greyduster Sun 17-May-20 11:07:05

Has anyone any idea what this is? Only just noticed it on a pot of lilies about to bloom, and I’ve never seen it before. I’ve kept on top of lily beetle this year but this is something new. Looked on line; can’t seem to find anything.