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Red Hydrangea

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LilyoftheValley Sun 07-Aug-22 12:43:42

I have been lucky enough to find two different colours of red hydrangea in the hospital corner of a garden centre.

To get the best from them next year, ought I to "pot on" now or cut back when the blooms have faded and put in a safe frost free place and pot on in Spring? Also, what mixture do I need for I need for them to bloom in this colour again?

MawtheMerrier Sun 07-Aug-22 12:56:12

I’m afraid I totally neglect mine, leaving the heads on to protect from frost and sloshing a bucket of kitchen floor washing water over them when I remember blushblush
It would be nice to know what I should be doing ??

Esspee Sun 07-Aug-22 13:24:23

Next years blooms may be sacrificed if you prune this year. If you are attempting to completely reshape the bush it might be worth it, otherwise I normally only prune about one third a year usually in the spring.
I would most certainly pot on in good quality compost, preferably loam. If you have a blue variety you need an ericacious compost and to keep the acidity up.

In my experience hydrangeas love water and sun.

I have never dealt with red hydrangeas but there will be lots of information on line.

Esmay Sun 07-Aug-22 16:41:52

Gosh Maw - your hydrangeas are magnificent !

Mine are about 35 years old and planted out in the garden .
They came from another house so I'm not sure of their true age .
I had to move them about two years ago as they were frying in the hot sun .
I noticed that the garden had definitely warmed up .

I don't really do anything fancy with them - just water .
We have used a colourant to enhance their blueness before ..

MerylStreep Sun 07-Aug-22 16:49:08

I wish I hadn’t seen that ? it’s been an awful year for mine.
One actually bloody died.

Chewbacca Sun 07-Aug-22 17:00:05

Mine is the same colour as Maw's and was in a huge container but, after 10 years of huge flowers each summer, it was getting decidedly pot bound and so, last autumn I emptied it, gave it a good pruning back and potted it into an even bigger container. I've got loads of healthy growth this summer but not one single flower. I'm hoping for a better performance next year.

Prentice Sun 07-Aug-22 17:16:04

we bought a blue hydrangea last year and this first year for flowers it is red, am disappointed.
sorry, I have nothing useful to add about them though, our other pink ones have to thrive on their own which they seem to do.

Esmay Sun 07-Aug-22 17:48:58

I love really blue hydrangeas .
You can add dilute vinegar to the soil to turn it acidic , but don't splash it on the leaves . It will damage them .
Or buy some colourant on line for about £6 .

We used to call it blueing powder .
Reminds me of the blue bags in the wash !