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Annika Thu 17-Nov-11 23:00:50

On the Favourite Christmas songs or carols topics I saw that Grannyli had said that she loved the Bunty annual, so did I ! Not only did I have the annual for christmas I also had the comic most weeks, I loved them. Who can forget the four Mary's ?
I think I started with the Playhour comic but as I got older I went on to have Beryl the Peryl comic and annuals.
I also seem to remember having Lady Penelope comic ( of Thunderbirds) for a while before before I grew up (or so I thought!) and started having the Jackie magazine (note; no longer called comic too grown up for that wink) But I will always remember the Bunty with fondness smile

crimson Thu 17-Nov-11 23:28:14

...I've just written on that thread that there are some old Buntys on ebay; I SO want to see them. Remember when they gave out little gifts..those black scottie dogs etc?

numberplease Fri 18-Nov-11 16:20:38

My mother-in-law, bless her, was so relieved when her eldest son married at the age of 36, because it meant that she could finally stop buying Eagle comic! I`ve recently bought my youngest grandson a comic, In The Night Garden, and got such a shock when I saw the price, £1.99! They`ve gone up a bit since I last bought one, quite a few years ago!

goldengirl Fri 18-Nov-11 16:55:23

Children's comics today seem to be based purely on TV characters and some of the content is really rubbishy in my opinion. Not like when I was a little I loved Girl and had the annual each Christmas - that was me sorted for the day! I was also lucky enough to have other comics and annuals, Bunty included, but it was Girl and Susan of St Brides for me.

Ariadne Fri 18-Nov-11 17:03:04

And Belle of the Ballet!

dontcallmegramps Fri 18-Nov-11 17:18:47

Look and Learn
Things I picked up there I still rely on today!

numberplease Fri 18-Nov-11 17:23:34

My own personal favourite was School Friend.

Annobel Fri 18-Nov-11 17:55:11

I really loved the 'gold' badge of a girl's head that came with the first issue of the Girl comic.

jennycockerspaniel Sat 19-Nov-11 04:34:03

I had school friend and just to run upstairs and read it on my bed.

Pamaga Sat 19-Nov-11 08:56:38

I got Tiny Tots and Chicks' Own when I was little then graduated to Topper and Enid Blyton's magazine. The last-named had clubs for charities - The Busy Bees (PDSA) and the Sunshine Home for Blind Babies. I remember having two yellow badges to display my membership of these and ran a 'fete' in a friend's garden to raise funds. Later I read Schoolfriend and Girl - my all time favourite. I loved Belle of the Ballet and Wendy & Jinx. They issued some books about these two characters, one of which was called Wendy & Jinx and the Dutch Stamp Mystery. I used to love the Girl annuals and passed them on to my daughter, along with many of my childhood favourite books. As a teenager I graduated to Boyfriend and Valentine.

glammanana Sat 19-Nov-11 09:53:17

I had School Friend and Bunty,I also had Princess and had this delivered as a weekly mag also,my DD still has some of my Bunty annuals,I think my younger sister got the rest when she moved from mum's.I agree with you number the price is so high for comic's for the little one's and new one's are coming out every month all start off at a special price and then go to a stupid amount.

crimson Sat 19-Nov-11 11:16:16

Even at a young age I found Chicks Own a bit creepy with the chicks having human heads [sort of]. I remember having a black plastic scottie dog free from Bunty that I loved [think there may have been a white one as well?].

crimson Sat 19-Nov-11 11:25:55

Oh heck; I don't believe this. I've got a Bunty Annual on the shelf behind me, bought from a car boot a few years back. Thought I had one somewhere but was looking in the wrong place. Not the one with Silent Night in unfortunately..this years was Oh Come All Ye Faithfull. Looking through it, it was very educational [although 'Little Lulu' wouldn't be allowed now].

goldengirl Sat 19-Nov-11 16:20:09

I've still got some of my Girl Annuals and also a couple of my mum's annuals including film ones which have pages in colour ie some all in green, some in blue and some in a pink shade! I guess that was bang on trend at the time. I've also got a few Enid Blyton's Holiday Books. Unfortunately I no longer have my Rupert annuals. Getting a new annual was the best part of Christmas for me - I could get lost in it whilst my nan and mum argued over how to cook the turkey grin

raggygranny Sat 19-Nov-11 16:28:31

I had School Friend and Bunty every week and the annuals for Christmas every year. There was always a bit of an anti-climax on Christmas evening, when all the excitement had died down, so I used to curl up with my annuals and lose myself in them.

crimson Sat 19-Nov-11 16:39:50

I used to love film annuals. The one I used to have had full size photo's of the stars. Again, something my mum threw out when I left home.

JoyFull Sat 19-Nov-11 16:53:14

Bunty smile

Woody Sat 19-Nov-11 17:52:48

Ah............. School Friend, Bunty and Girl annuals bring back fond memories. Could never understand the Rupert Bear annual though and Rin Tin Tin.
There is a new comic coming out apparently called "Phoenix" 32 pages long, comes out weekly but quite expensive at £2.99 (I think!)

Annika Sat 19-Nov-11 17:55:20

Have a look at the price of comics out there now, they all have "free" gifts but I think with the gifts are no so "free" when the price of the comic is taken into account ! hmm

numberplease Sat 19-Nov-11 18:09:25

Pamaga, I`d forgotten all about the Enid Blyton magazine, I had that right from the first issue.

Annobel Sat 19-Nov-11 19:05:28

There was a mag called Sunny Stories which I think was Enid Blyton. My grandparents subscribed to it for me; also one which I think was called something like Playways.

Sbagran Sat 19-Nov-11 19:49:10

Gosh annobel I remembered Sunny Stories as soon as you mentioned it. Wasn't it in a small format (about A5 if they knew what A5 was in those days) ?

ninathenana Sun 20-Nov-11 01:43:21

Nobody has mentioned Judy, I had that and Bunty. Can't remember which one had the cut out doll and clothes on the back each week.

In later years I had Jackie, I kept a huge stack of them on top of my wardrobe. They came in very handy when one night one of the legs on my bed broke. I got a pile down stuck it under the corner of the bed, and it was like that for a couple of weeks until mum n dad had enough money to buy a new bed grin

nannym Sun 20-Nov-11 06:36:47

I remember Judy! There was also one called Diana too, can't remember which one it was, but one of them had a series called "Wee Slavey" which was set in the servants' hall of a Victorian house. My sisters and I used to refer to ourselves as "Wee Slavey" when reminded to do our (very few) chores!

Joan Sun 20-Nov-11 13:25:51

I used to read my brothers' comics - Dandy and Beano. We swapped some of these for my cousin's 'Film Fun'. I don't think I had a comic of my own, but I do remember reading a friend's comic, which had tales about girls at boarding schools who had ballet lessons and ponies and Dads who worked in offices, drove cars and had a home phone. ALL these concepts were alien to me, so I supposed that could be why I preferred boys' comics.

I remember loving Dan Dare, and the space aliens called the Mighty Mekons with big green heads.

There were always a few comic annuals around - I loved them because they lasted for ages.