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Anyone on Ancestry can find this man?

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AlieOxon Wed 24-Oct-12 16:49:08

I found on FreeCen a man called George Torrence at 15, Lancefield Street in Glasgow in 1841. Familysearch confirms this but not Ancestry.

He is recorded as 35 in that year and as manager of a bottle works, almost certainly in that street, that I didn't think was in operation that greatgreat grandfather worked there in 1851.
Why isn't this man in Ancestry?

eGJ Wed 24-Oct-12 17:14:57

Ancestry have put this notice on all Scottish records
"Unfortunately, we are unable to display the accompanying images of this census at present, despite extensive negotiation with the General Register Office for Scotland. Permission from them has not, as yet, been forthcoming. For this reason, and to enable you to continue with your family history research, Ancestry has heavily transcribed the Scottish Census records to ensure you have access to all key areas of information contained within this collection."
Perhaps they haven't transcribed George Torrrence's area yet.

Jodi Wed 24-Oct-12 17:57:23

Have you tried Scotland's People?

AlieOxon Wed 24-Oct-12 18:20:00

eGJ I know. It's very annoying not to be able to see the originals. I did think thye had done them all though.

Jodi, I haven't yet done anything on ScotlandsPeople - I just don't understand how it works! Too many people on forums complain about paying for the wrong records....put me off.

Been looking for a manager in 1851, but he's not living in Lancefield St....

AlieOxon Wed 21-Aug-13 17:16:43

Think I got as far as I could with it!

AlieOxon Mon 09-Sep-13 12:12:18

Yes. I just discovered, having searched for 'Torrance' on my computer, that I hadn't realised that a John Torrance, also in the bottle trade, had witnessed my gggrandfather's will.
He died in 1889 in Newton-le-Willows in this a coincidence or were the families connected?