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A lovely musical day

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Maywalk Fri 31-May-13 15:43:35

I feel a bit overwhelmed today because I have finally got through to hubby to sit and watch his favourite bands on the computer.
I had a word with the male nurse who came to give him his injection this morning and told him how I was trying to get him to get his brain going by trying to get him on the computer to view all his favourites that I had found for him.
The nurse had a word with him and said that I was trying to do my best for him by wanting him to keep his brain going and it would be brilliant if he came tomorrow to know that he has at least tried.
I think it has hit home with the male nurse telling my husband this because hubby has been giving up on life just of late with having the blood clot in his leg and getting SO forgetful, but to see him glued watching his old favourites on U tube and them helping to bring back many lovely memories.
He loves the big band sounds and has spent at least 4 hours watching them today and even learning things about his old favourites that he never knew himself.
Mind you I too love Glenn miller and Tommy Dorsey and many more of that era as well as wonderful music like Richard Adinsells "Warsaw Concerto" and Clive Richardsons "London Fantasia".
I have been jigging away with my fingers while sitting next to hubby on my own computer.

One that I DID stop to watch was Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers.
Brilliant tap dancers and the precision of their steps is fascinating to watch.

Not everyones idea of music or entertainment but it has certainly helped to keep my hubby's occupied today and to see him singing along with many has really helped lift my spirits.

Grannyknot Fri 31-May-13 16:20:53

Lovely stuff maywalk, transporting. I know what you mean I sometimes find something on youtube and it's like OMG I'm 16 again, takes you right back to a--better--nother time.

merlotgran Fri 31-May-13 16:28:34

It's amazing how music is such a great communicator. If I'd been in your shoes, Maywalk, my spirits would have soared. I've lost count of the compilation CDs I've made for my mother and it's a joy to hear her singing along to her favourites.

YouTube can be a life saver, especially with a pair of good headphones. sunshine smile

Maywalk Fri 31-May-13 17:44:22

Its really been uplifting Grannyknot and Merlotgran.I just hope he remembers tomorrow about it because I DONT want to jog his memory.
I want to see if he remembers himself before I do any more. Not being nasty when I say that its because he had a head scan on May 17th and we are awaiting the results. I just want to see if he can remember tomorrow what he has been doing today.