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Old reel-to-reel tapes - a new source?

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AlieOxon Wed 21-Aug-13 18:57:43

My sister came with a box of old tapes and we found our grandparents talking on them! and our parents and Uncle Fred ....and some of it was chat about the family, among a lot of music and other stuff.

We couldn't quite hear it as these tapes are from the 1960s and faded, but are actually still playable. Tantalising to hear someone say 'when did he emigrate?' on one. My sister has taken them to get CDs made and to be made clearer.
So there may actually be info on there!

However, very strange to hear their voices after so long. I wanted to know if my grandfather sounded Irish - Gran was, but although he was born in Dublin, his parents were Scots.
He did sound Irish, but not as strongly as she did!
It also told me a lot about their relationship as they talked.

A little like being allowed to listen through time, to the people in the next room. Weird but not upsetting.

Hunt Wed 21-Aug-13 23:23:09

How exciting! We have been doing the hundreds of photos of my OH's family, identifying those we can with the help of the family tree and putting them in books. The oldest ones are of his great grandfather who was born in 1825. This is particularly exciting for our grown up gc as this man is their great, great, great grandfather. Much more exciting if we could hear them speak. How lucky you are.

AlieOxon Thu 22-Aug-13 09:53:58

Isn't it frustrating if you cannot identify them. I have a photo of one relative I know is an Arthur Andrews, but there are four in the Dublin family!

- and is he the one who got in the Dublin paper when he was fined for obstructing a tram conductor????
Or is he the one who emigrated to America?
....and are they the same one?

Also I would really like to see what my gggrandfather looked like.
He lived until 1889 and was fairly well off, and this is well into the photographic era - but no luck so far.