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Radio that recalls a time.

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geeljay Fri 18-Apr-14 10:38:13

It is a lovely sunny morning in Devon today. Sitting in the conservatory, drinking a cuppa, I hear from a radio across the way, Jim Reeves singing Distant Drums. Closed my eyes, and realised I was word perfect with old Jim. Then in my mind drifted back to when I was a N Serviceman in Malaya back in long time. We had , on camp, a Butterworth Radio. It seemed only to have about 10 discs to play. Bimbo, Bimbo. Jo Stafford - See the Pyramids along the Nile; Lipsick on your collar. and an Alma Coogan song. It was always sunny, and the 10 or so songs were played in relentless rotation, and everyone on the camp new every song word perfect. Bimbo was universall hated and was ceremoniously 'sacrificed' one time. Bing and Frankie were reserved for 'special requests' Well, that's enough of that. It is the lovely sunshine that set my trail rolling!

Mishap Fri 18-Apr-14 11:21:00

Two way family favourites over Sunday lunch - Beeb ought to re-run some of these - I am sure it would go down well.

FlicketyB Sat 19-Apr-14 08:05:51

Sound like smell can bring memories back so suddenly. I spent part of my childhood the Far East as an army child. My memory of Malaya is the music from Carousel, one of the few LPs my parent's had, but with music having an echo from being played in a room with hard floors and high ceilings and with louvred shutters rather than curtains designed to keep us cool.

........and the scent of frangipani.

feetlebaum Sat 19-Apr-14 08:58:58

That Jo Stafford record was actually called You Belong To Me, @geeljay. Written by Pee Wee Price, Chilton Price and Redd Stewart.

Mention of two-way Family Favourites immediately reminds me of the signature tune, With A Song In My Heart recorded by George Melachrino and his Orchestra - like the sig tune for Housewive's Choice (^In Party Mood^) it always evokes a sunny day memory...

Anne58 Sat 19-Apr-14 10:05:35

The mere mention of Two Way Family Favourites and I can smell roast beef, apple pie and rice pudding!

Tegan Sat 19-Apr-14 10:39:43

With me it's cabbage confused.

Nelliemoser Sat 19-Apr-14 10:52:22

Tegan overcooked cabbage and watery gravy with me.

Tegan Sat 19-Apr-14 11:35:53 had gravy...envy!

PRINTMISS Sat 19-Apr-14 16:27:34

Two way family favourites, and Sunday lunch, lovely. It was good to hear all the messages too with old fashioned sweethearts longing to meet up again. Still happens now, of course with forces abroad, but not broadcast. One thing I remember well, is Jean Metcalfe saying that someone had asked for Shirley Bassey (I think) and "What now my Love", and she (Jean) rather saucily for those days interpreted it as "What NOW my love," Never hear that song without remembering that moment. What a 'nice' couple Jean and Cliff were, weren't they?

annodomini Sat 19-Apr-14 16:50:55

Housewives' Choice, Family Favourites, Children's Favourites. For some reason, these were what I listened to as a student. Did I ever go to classes?

annsixty Sat 19-Apr-14 19:26:42

This thread has reminded me about a broadcast on Two Way Family Favourites and of course one is always worried about treading on someones toes, however, I was living and working in Nottingham at the time and the request was for someone living in Crocus Street, The Meadows, Nottingham and Jean Metcalfe remarked what a lovely picture the address conjured up. The reality was far from accurate although I should add it was all demolished long ago and I'm sure it is lovely now.

annodomini Sat 19-Apr-14 20:10:03

;I remember that part of Nottingham - we lived in Notts in the 70s - and you're right: it was far from the pastoral image conjured up by that address!

rosesarered Sat 19-Apr-14 20:36:40

Anyone remember 'Sing Something Simple' ? My Mother loved it, but I felt depressed the moment it came on, reminded me that Monday was the next day.

rosesarered Sat 19-Apr-14 20:40:06

geelijay you have now put that awful Bimbo song in my head! Bimbo Bimbo where ya gonna goi-o. Bimbo Bimbo does ya Mommy knowy-o, Bimbo Bimbo where ya gonna go, going down the road to see a little girly-o. Yuk and thrice yuk as Frankie Howerd may well have said.

mcem Sat 19-Apr-14 21:04:53

Anno my musical memories from St A don't include radio at all. Everly Brothers LP's and Thursday evening in the tv room for Top of the Pops!
Have been amazed to realise that I know the words to so many of these songs.

seasider Sun 20-Apr-14 09:20:04

Sitting on the back step with my mum while she peeled veg or shelled peas while listening to Family Favourites smile

Aka Sun 20-Apr-14 09:54:07

Listening to Radio Caroline while revising for 'O' Levels sunshine

Aka Sun 20-Apr-14 09:55:29

* Roses* my mother loved SSS too. We used to wind her up by singing along to the tune 'Sing Something Sinful'

PRINTMISS Sun 20-Apr-14 09:55:31

mcem Do you think you know the words of the songs because you understood them? These days it seems the mikes are held so close to the mouth the words are a muddle, and then of course there is that awful screaming that passes for singing these days. We used to love the Black and White Minstrel Show, and as far as we were concerned absolutely nothing racist in it, in fact it was a word rarely heard.

annodomini Sun 20-Apr-14 11:04:33

mcem, my grandmother left me a small legacy just before my second year at StA. So I spent it on a little transistor radio which explains my attachment to request programmes. Also Mrs Dale's Diary which came on just around the time I got back from an afternoon lecture.

Anne58 Sun 20-Apr-14 13:14:04

Oh heavens yes, "Sing Something Simple"! I was brought up by my grandparents, and that did seem to be part of Sundays. Then later, on TV Sunday Night at the London Palladium!

BTW "What now my love" is actually a song about suicide sad

PRINTMISS Tue 22-Apr-14 15:35:46

Phoenix, yes sorry about that, it was just something I remembered from long ago, and it was only the title Jean was referring too, saying that when she first read it, that was what she thought, which was of course quite cheeky at that time.