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Subject: "DNA profiling at Forces War Records"

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AlieOxon Sun 17-Aug-14 18:33:08

I've just had an email from one of our Family History group asking if I think this is a email Thunderbird also thinks so, but it often says this - is there any reason why it should be?
I can't think why it shouldn't be ok....
Has anyone tried it - and what does it cost???

janeainsworth Sun 17-Aug-14 18:55:34

Alie There is a Facebook page called Forces War Records
This is copied & pasted from their page:


Forces War Records is proud to announce we have partnered with BritainsDNA [which also has a Facebook page ] to help you trace your genetic inheritance beyond the written record, uniquely blending science and history to help you discover your ancient ancestry through YDNA (fatherline) and mtDNA (motherline) testing.

Take the Forces War Records DNA test and discover a story about yourself that you might never know.

Printed on your genes is hidden information about all of the ancestors whose DNA you have inherited, especially in the last six to ten generations. By taking the Forces DNA test you can discover on a global level how much European, Asian, African or Native American DNA you carry and on a more detailed European level how much Northwestern European, Mediterranean, Balto-Slavic, Jewish, Steppe-Turkic, Basque-Iberian and Anatolian-Caucasian ancestry you have.

A Forces DNA test can answer a simple question: How British are you?

Learn more about your DNA now >>

It's possibly ok, but why anyone would want to know how British they were is a bit of a mystery to me. On balance I'd steer clear, but I think you're fairly safe looking at the Facebook pages smile

durhamjen Sun 17-Aug-14 19:02:58

I had an email from a different group. It costs £169 to do it, so I will not bother. I can find out all I want to know without a DNA check.