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tanith Thu 17-May-18 20:44:13

I’ve tried looking this up and it’s not clear . What relation is my sons daughter to my daughters sons daughter? I think it’s first cousins once removed but am I right?
The two babies are a month or two apart I can’t wait for them to meet.

Synonymous Thu 17-May-18 21:05:18

Absolutely right Tanith. Funny the effects the generation slip has. My DH met his Grandfather's half brother a little while back, born when his father (DH's GF) was in his late 70s. Such a jumble of relationships! The babies won't care! smile

Jalima1108 Thu 17-May-18 21:34:37

Yes, they are first cousins once removed

But hopefully they will be playmates!

tanith Thu 17-May-18 21:47:26

Thanks for confirming that, my grandson asked me today and I wasn’t sure. My son was a late starter so his little ones are coming along as I’m already getting Great grandchildren his sister started young ?
It’s a shame the two little ones live in different countries so we’re hoping they’ll meet this Summer but they sadly won’t be playmates.

Jalima1108 Thu 17-May-18 21:51:14

Our wider family is like that, with wide age gaps between those of the same generation.

I'm sure they will get on well when they do manage to get together, like my DGC.

Auntieflo Thu 17-May-18 22:32:33

We have a grandson and a great grandson, with the same birthday. This year GS will be 4 and GGs will be 1. Fun and games eh?

NanaNancy Sat 09-Jun-18 05:17:07

Had to throw in here, as a cousin of mine, has the same great grandparents, and our grandmothers were sister; but the shocking thing is that he looks more like my brother (and acts more like a brother) than my real brother. And, yet genetically look at the "distance".
AND looks so much like my Dad that is is shocking when I first see him each time, as Dad is with the angels.