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1891 Census

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Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 14:22:36

Please if anyone has time would you look up the following ?

William Thomas. brn 1835. Caemas, Anglesey,Wales

1891 living in Liverpool

Occupation. ? marine fireman

He is in the workhouse , I can’t make out the first word of his occupation hence my ?

Gran2028 Wed 26-Dec-18 14:40:43

Sorry Anniebach..cant seem to access record anywhere without costing money!
A marine fireman on steam vessels is another name for a stoker I believe.
I dont know if checking on the Seamans Register would help you with details..??

Suki70 Wed 26-Dec-18 14:49:25

Very difficult to decipher Annie but DH and I think it may be Seas.

Suki70 Wed 26-Dec-18 14:50:46

It looks as if it may have been added later as the handwriting is different from the main entry.

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 14:55:52

Thank you x

It is different writing, and this writing has been added to other occupations further down the list. An i has been dotted , so frustrating

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 14:57:03

Will check the seamans register x

Suki70 Wed 26-Dec-18 15:10:24

The e does look as if it could be an i annie although the same word is written several times in front of subsequent occupations entries and the second letter is definitely an e.
Most frustrating!

Anja Wed 26-Dec-18 15:18:49

I’ll give it a go

Anja Wed 26-Dec-18 15:25:32

I think it says ‘seas’ and yes he was an inmate.

Anja Wed 26-Dec-18 15:33:53

Annie that has been added in a different hand probably later. If you look lower down it is all attached to seamen or mariners. There’s a ‘harb’ also suggesting that person might have worked the harbour and a couple that seem to suggest retired.

I think someone is trying to classify the inmates of the Liverpool Workhouse into categories depending on their ‘occupation’.

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 15:49:02

Seems it is ‘sea’ , can’t be my William , 1971 a tailor , possibly 1881 a sail maker and then 1891 on a ship as a fireman, yet he would only be 56 . In 1881 he was in lodgings with two firemen , so perhaps. Why couldn’t he have stayed on Anglesey . Oh I so want to find where he was buried, I know the burial places of his six brothers and two sisters . Well i will keep looking .

cavewoman Wed 26-Dec-18 16:34:15

Annie was your William born in Gwalchmai, Anglesey?

Working on my tree at the moment so can put a fresh pair of eyes on yours.

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 16:44:25

Yes cavewoman i transcribed for Anglesey registrars and no William Thomas born in Caemas. I thought it was an error and place of birth might have been Gwalchmai. Are you ‘doing’ Anglesey ?

cavewoman Thu 27-Dec-18 15:35:45

No luck Annie
Have searched for hours but can only confirm that last positive recording was 1871 when William was in Caernarvonshire.
The 1881 is a possibility for him (sailmaker) Did you notice that the Landlady was from Anglesey? She might be worth looking into.
What a pity that there were so many William Thomas born in the same place around the same time.
Will keep on looking as I'm 'doing' Wales for OH.

Anniebach Thu 27-Dec-18 16:19:09

cavewoman how kind of you, thank you.

Yes I found William up to 1871 , he had moved from Gwalchmai to Ebineezer in Caernarfonshire. I found the sail maker with the landlady from Anglesey and two other lodgers from Caernarfon . This William’s Father and three nephews were also William. Will look for the landlady, another Mary (groan) on Anglesey, fortunately I have all the death records so fingers crossed. Good luck with ‘doing Wales’ ,

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 16:57:40

I agree that it is probably 'seas'.

FIREMAN inspected for, and removed explosive gasses underground in mining or stoked the boilers on ships and locomotives

It sounds as if he was a ship's stoker.

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:05:32

1871 Census has a William Thomas on twice; he is a lodger/boarder at the home of Catherine and Thomas Williams (stoker) in Toxteth. His occupation is listed as 'engineer'. Age 35. Born Anglesea. That could be the same William Thomas as the Fireman/stoker in 1891.
He may or may not be yours.

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:06:34

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:11:18

1881 Census:

Same age, born Anglesea and yes, it has his occupation as sailmaker, but the man listed below is a 'fireman'.
There are often discrepancies either with transcriptions or sometimes with rather inaccurate census taking at the time.

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 17:34:32

Looking for a death of a William Thomas could be looking for a needle in a haystack - so many Welsh people moved to Liverpool. However, if he was born in 1835, moved to Liverpool, was on the 1891 census but can't be found on 1901 census:

Anniebach Thu 27-Dec-18 18:11:54

Jalima you got it, the William in the workhouse isn’t my William . The William in the workhouse was in ?Liverpool when my William was still in Wales .

Jalima1108 Thu 27-Dec-18 21:09:47

Looking for Welsh ancestors is not easy!!

Anniebach Thu 27-Dec-18 21:19:45

It certaintly isn’t Jalima the biggest problems are when ancestors moved to England,