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Cousin's death in London.

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Snowedunder Thu 21-Nov-19 01:10:20

My cousin moved to London many years ago and lost contact with the family. I heard that he had died about 2013-2015 but there are no other details available. I don't know where to start looking as I have no idea where he lived (squatted sometimes) within the London area.
Where should I start looking and who I should contact?
Any advice is appreciated.

quizqueen Thu 21-Nov-19 01:21:32

The Salvation Army used to try and trace people years ago-not sure if this is in their remit nowadays ?

grannyactivist Thu 21-Nov-19 01:45:11

The General Register Office should have a record of his death. It's free to register on the site, but you have to do that before you can order a certificate.

Snowedunder Thu 21-Nov-19 23:38:36

Thanks. I'll try both of these options.