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Floradora9 Thu 11-Jun-20 19:06:48

In Scotland we have had free access to the library edition of Ancestry. Can I upload my family tree to this or do I need the paid version ?I cannot see where to do it . I have been researching a relative and find that some of his family must have a family tree on the site as some of the info is there and some private . I would love to link up with these people . I hit the jackpot some years ago on Genes Reunited and found someone who could verify everthing I had found and more.

Grannyben Thu 11-Jun-20 20:28:05

Could you just pay for one month and then cancel. That would give you time to upload your family tree and search their records.

I usually do this if I want to find something in particular. I will have another months worth when the next census is released