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My grandchildren call me Papa …

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grNadpa Wed 16-Nov-22 16:46:41

.. and the oldest is now a junior in college. Oh, my.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
I look forward to learning of, and participating in, Gransnet Genealogy doings.
And perhaps, at some point, sharing a unique hobby that my family unexpectedly treasures.

B9exchange Sat 19-Nov-22 13:13:20

Sorry no-one has said 'welcome' to you yet. Perhaps you could start a geneology thread on the forums, but hope you enjoy Gransnet anyway! smile

Smileless2012 Sat 19-Nov-22 13:16:54

My grandchildren call me Papa that's lovely grNadpa and welcome to GN.

Baggs Sat 19-Nov-22 13:22:44

Are you Scottish, grnadpa? Papa is widely used in Scotland as the sobriquet for the paternal grandfather.

BigBertha1 Sat 19-Nov-22 13:41:00

Welcome to Gransnet grNADpa i hope you enjoy the discussions.

sparkly1000 Sat 19-Nov-22 15:23:04

Welcome, my lovely grandfather was from Scotland and I affectionately always called him Papa.

Como2020 Sat 19-Nov-22 15:30:27

Our grandchildren call my husband Papa. Bounced from America to UK through France.

Como2020 Sat 19-Nov-22 15:32:10

Our grandchildren call my husband Papa. Bounced from America to UK through France.

Como2020 Sat 19-Nov-22 15:34:14

Twice! Oops.

crazyH Sat 19-Nov-22 15:34:50

My son’s little boys call their maternal grandfather “PappaG” - it sounds so sweet - I just love hearing that. And they call their grandmother “Ma” - and I’m just plain old “Nan” 😂

crazyH Sat 19-Nov-22 15:36:01

Welcome GrNadpa

Blondiescot Sat 19-Nov-22 15:39:31

My OH is 'Papa' to our GS, just as his dad is 'Papa' to our son, and we're Scottish.

Yammy Sat 19-Nov-22 15:39:46

Welcome to Gransnet. Put a Genealogy post on there are a lot interested and can often help with problems.
My DH gets called gramps and on odd days grumps.

grNadpa Sat 19-Nov-22 15:51:47

Been having trouble with the Granset message app as I try to respond to each of you. Perhaps a straight post acknowledging these wonderful welcomes will work. Here's hoping.

As far as starting a thread about my very fulfilling hobby, I will after I get to know folks a bit better through their posts here.

And, though I may have some Scottish genes, my first grandchild spontaneously labelled me with the "Papa" moniker. Don't know where she heard it. Most likely she garbled something else that we misunderstood to be "Papa". In any case it stuck through all the following grand-descendants. And much preferred to other names I've been called.

HowVeryDareYou Sat 19-Nov-22 15:53:14

Welcome, GrNadpa. Our eldest son calls my husband "Pops" and me "Ma"