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Scottish Census 1921

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volver Tue 29-Nov-22 21:32:03

The results of the census in Scotland in 1921 are going to appear on Scotland's People website tomorrow at 9am. At last!!

paddyann54 Tue 29-Nov-22 21:56:31

Hoping I'll find my GGF on it last heard of in Dalkeith in 1888 and cant be found in any records since .Fingers crossed

Blossoming Tue 29-Nov-22 22:06:35

Tomorrow’s headlines ScotlandsPeople kills entire internet grin

Think I’ll wait.

volver Tue 29-Nov-22 22:14:15


Grammaretto Tue 29-Nov-22 22:45:13

St Andrews Day, ofcourse.
I wish it was free.
I may wait too.

volver Wed 30-Nov-22 09:24:18

Been on, found my grandparents where I expected them to be.

No problems with access!

Grammaretto Sat 03-Dec-22 10:48:15

There is no sign of them where they should be in 1921 but anyway I want to ask why, when the index comes up it gives me a choice of "buying more credits" or "order certificate"? what certificate?

I only have 2 credits left so perhaps if I buy more all will be revealed.

No mention of the cost to see the full page and no mention on the website that I can find. Am I being very obtuse?
I know one of you will know!

volver Sat 03-Dec-22 11:12:32

The certificate is copy of the actual page from the census I think, while credits allow you to view the page online, save it as a pdf and then print it out.

I never get the certificate if the page is available online, as that's much cheaper.

I'd buy more credits if I was you. Although when I look back at how much I have spent on credits... smile

Blossoming Sat 03-Dec-22 11:33:41

You can see the full page for 6 credits. I suspect the ‘certificate’ will be a copy of the page. It costs £12 so you would be better spending £10 on credits and saving the image!

paddyann54 Sat 03-Dec-22 11:38:15

Well my elusive GGF is still missing ,I've tried evertwhere I can think of .Any advice grans?

Blossoming Sat 03-Dec-22 11:40:09

Crossed posts Volver

My grandparents are where I already knew them to be. One relative, who was a bit of a Hyacinth Bucket, is not where she claimed to be from grin

volver Sat 03-Dec-22 11:41:41

paddyann I found my Grannie under her middle name - she was only 4 years old at the time. Can you find any other members of you GGF's family? Was he away from home - at sea maybe?

paddyann54 Sat 03-Dec-22 12:00:47

No ,I've tried .My GGM left him and went home to Ireland when my granny was weeks old.On the advice of her priest! He was abusive
The great uncles I did know are long gone and my granny never talked about him so I'm stuck I'm not even sure if he was born here in Scotland or in Ireland .They got married here during the Irish famine .I've checked the forces, the shipping lines and everything else.I'm beginning to think GG buried him under the patio

Grammaretto Sat 03-Dec-22 14:09:46

People could and did "disappear". My df GF told his 10yr old DD that he was going away and did she want to go with him. He cycled off from Peterhead and was never seen again. The girl didn't go but stayed with her mum and the other 5 siblings.

Thanks for the census advice. I knew you would know! Blossoming, Volver
I'll give it another try. grin

I'm on Ancestry (world) so if you want me to help search in Ireland, message me Paddyann. I'm quite chuffed after finding someone born in Ireland - for a friend.