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What's in a name?

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Totrirulody Thu 19-May-11 19:32:22

Nowadays, with so many second marriages (or third, in my husband's case fourth) how do you decide who is Gran, Granny, Nana Grandma or variations on these, surely no one is called step grandma etc?

nanafrancis Thu 19-May-11 21:38:00

My step GC all call me by my first name - saves anyone getting offended.

maxgran Fri 20-May-11 12:01:04

I have 3 step grandchildren who all just call me by my first name probably because they were older when they joined our family. If they wanted to call me Granny I wouldn't mind.

grannyactivist Fri 20-May-11 12:41:16

I have three children from a first marriage who call my husband's parents by their first names, when our subsequent children and my nephews came along my Mil requested that they also use first names. I don't think they were quite ready to acknowledge their changed status as grandparents, even though they turned out to be wonderful GPs to all our children.