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Protection for little scooterer arms and legs

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GranG Mon 28-Nov-11 06:59:47

Hi. Does anyone know how where to buy small elbow and knee protectors for little arms and legs please? We have two little scooterers and the protectors with the velcro type of fastening is rather bulky. I did see a little girl scootering whose arm and knee protection was in the form of a sleeve, but as I was in the car in London it was impossible to stop and ask. Any help please would be gratefully received. GranG

jingl Mon 28-Nov-11 11:34:00

They've got some here GranG

I though Great Little Trading Company did them, but can't see any. Shame cos they've got 18% off today.

Mishap Mon 28-Nov-11 12:31:29

I do worry about little ones and scooters. My 3 year old GS is a menace on his and scoots down a very steep tarmac slope in their local park, with no protection at all. I worry about him getting a head injury (I used to work for a head injury service, so am a bit twitchy about this) - they do not put a crach helpemt on him. If he caught a stone under the wheels and went head over heels he could be seriously injured. D and SIL don't seem worried and obviously think I am a fuss pot - but I do not go with them to the park when this is happening, nor do I take him myself - I hope they take the point!

Annobel Mon 28-Nov-11 13:13:49

I'm not complacent about child safety, but didn't we have scooters when we were little? Didn't we run far more risks than we contemplate for our GC?

jingl Mon 28-Nov-11 13:38:45

Not as fast as these modern ones Annobel. My GSs wear helmets but I worry about them getting too close to the road when they scoot to school.

jingl Thu 01-Dec-11 10:26:53

I knew I'd seen some somewhere GranG.

GranG Fri 02-Dec-11 18:01:42

Thank you everyone for your help. That is really great. I was really pleased to see that I was not the only one who is worried about the speed of these new scooters and must say, like Mishap, Grandad G and I are getting to the stage where we won't go out with the girls on their scooters - can't keep up and they become deaf to our entreaties to slow down or stop.