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DGD trying to suck dummy and fingers together - doesn't work!

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GrandmaRoo Thu 26-Apr-12 12:12:11

My 4 month old DGD sleeps soundly from about 7 pm until about 4 am. When she half-wakes at intervals, she wants her dummy. we oblige, then she promptly sticks her fingers in her mouth too. She sucks the whole lot for a few seconds then bats out the dummy. She sucks on her fingers a few seconds more - not satisfying - then is frantic to have the dummy back.

So far we have tried taking away the dummy altogether (horrendous), letting her sort it out herself (yelled the place down for up to an hour) or, mostly, sitting by the cot with a cupped hand protecting the dummy in her mouth until she goes back to sleep. Which seems ridiculous, but has worked so far.

Until last night, when she got really cross and literally clawed at my hand to get at the dummy and properly woke up.

As I am temporarily (and very happily) looking after the babe during the day and night, I would be grateful for any ideas you have as to what to do next!

chocolatepudding Thu 26-Apr-12 18:34:04

My DD loved to suck her thumb from a few months old and hold a knitted teddy at the same time, pulling gently on his paws. I soon learnt that these signs meant she was nodding off! Perhaps you could get your DGD to suck her thumb - it may stay in place more easily than her fingers or a dummy.

My DD's teeth are straight - not affected by the thumb sucking at all. Teddy is still a much loved favourite toy 30 years later.

imjingl Thu 26-Apr-12 18:36:02

All three of mine gave their dummies up at 3-4 months and sucked various digits instead. Your little one appears to be in the transition phase.

Nothing you can do.

Anagram Thu 26-Apr-12 18:54:28

I agree - nothing you can do. My DD behaved as jingl's did, but her daughters would only have dummies and we had the same scenario as you, GrandmaRoo, except that no one had the inclination to spend half the night by their cots!
She'll eventually get the hang of putting it back in herself - they always do! smile

whenim64 Thu 26-Apr-12 19:53:27

Will be interested in suggestions (doubt anything really works) as my twin grandaughers also do this in the middle of the night! grin

Anagram Thu 26-Apr-12 20:06:35

Yes, mine are twins too - one especially was hopeless at finding it again, even when it was right by her nose! Neither of them took to thumb-sucking, and had to be more or less bribed to give up the dummies when they reached 3, but no teeth problems or sore thumbs!

Faye Fri 27-Apr-12 05:22:00

My sweet five and a half month old granddaughter sucks her thumb. Initially D2 tried to give her a dummy but that didn't work and she started sucking her thumb instead. My daughter was told by the health nurse that granddaughter was tongue tied in the womb and that it corrected itself. I have never heard of this before but the tip of GD's tongue looks like it is joined in the middle. It certainly hasn't hindered her loudly chatting away and singing (in her baby way) herself to sleep.

GrandmaRoo Fri 27-Apr-12 10:59:44

Thank you for all your thoughts and ideas everyone. Hi Anagram - help - what exactly did your daughter do when her babies were at this stage? I can see that it could be a transition stage but tonight, tomorrow night, any tips?

We're not inclined to spend half the night by the cot either, but don't want DGD screeching the place down and sobbing (perhaps we should but tried it, can't bear it). Mind you it's a waste of time even trying to keep the dummy in her mouth now, either way she's going to get cross and wake up completely. This morning our day started at 4.30, which I know isn't too bad but she could easily have slept until 6 if she had just accepted the dummy or sucked her fingers!

Grandad's coming today and will want to take his turn (bless him) but he'll want clear instructions. So feel free, folks.....

Thanks again x

whenim64 Sun 29-Apr-12 09:24:15

Hi GrandmaRoo - yesterday I mentioned this to my daughter who has twin 6 month old girls, and that phase seems to have fizzled out in the last couple of days, so perhaps it's a matter of the babies practising getting used to having the dummy to soothe them whilst they drift off again. It lasted for a few weeks with her babies, but they do sleep through the night, even if they wake and have a cry for a while.