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Baby with Down's syndrome new face of swimwear label

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nightowl Tue 24-Jul-12 19:53:34

This was sent to me by my sister-in-law who had a child with Down's syndrome who sadly died.

What a lovely story - and what an adorable little girl!

Anagram Tue 24-Jul-12 19:57:45

Oh, how gorgeous! smile

Greatnan Tue 24-Jul-12 19:58:35

Great story - what a breakthrough!

whenim64 Tue 24-Jul-12 20:10:36

That's lovely news!smile

Nonu Tue 24-Jul-12 20:27:51

That is truly lovely .

Hankipanki Tue 24-Jul-12 20:57:49

Great story what a lovely smile she has.

glassortwo Tue 24-Jul-12 21:12:08

She is gorgeous, you can see why she was chosen.

jeni Tue 24-Jul-12 21:31:12

Agreed! What a lovely smile!

harrigran Tue 24-Jul-12 21:39:22

Lovely smile but so sad that parents have already pierced her ears.

Littlenellie Tue 24-Jul-12 21:43:49

What a beautiful little girl

Anagram Tue 24-Jul-12 21:45:31

I hadn't noticed that, harrigran! That is truly disturbing. How could any parent do that to their baby?

Gally Tue 24-Jul-12 21:58:47

Beautiful baby. I don't like pierced ears on small children either but harri / Anagram it's probably because they're Spanish/Mexican or whatever - that's what they do! hmm

nanaej Tue 24-Jul-12 22:26:37

Loads of people pierce babies ears... considered normal in so many countries. Not something I chose to do but my gran was surprised when my mum and Aunt chose not to have their baby girls' ears pierced.

Anagram Tue 24-Jul-12 23:04:34

I'm shocked that some seem to take the practice so casually! hmm
It hurts! And the ears can become infected. Why inflict that on a tiny child?

Granb Wed 25-Jul-12 08:08:23

Why, tho, should such a beautiful child be the subject of more publicity than any other child?

There was a wonderful programme on BBC3/4 last week about the Special Olympics and one of the (many truly inspirational) stars was a teenage dancer who also happened to have Downs Syndrome. She is beautiful.

I was moved to tears by all the hard work and dedication that the athletes and their families put in. This was definitely a programme that should have been on mainstream TV.

whenim64 Wed 25-Jul-12 08:27:54

I don't like to see children with pierced ears, especially when you hear about damage and infection occurring. My girls waited till they were 16 and had them done, as they knew I would not be bathing infected piercings or supplying earrings.

jeni Wed 25-Jul-12 08:40:32

I had to wait until 21!

Greatnan Wed 25-Jul-12 08:42:16

GranB - because it is good for children with Down's Syndrome to be shown in a positive light. The firm needed models and for once they did not look for the 'perfect' version. Please note my quotation marks, before anyone jumps in and accuses me of saying that Down's children are not perfect.
For too long Down's children have been written off - in some countries which devote enough resources they have a huge success rate in literacy.
I have been very heartened by the use of some young actors in recent TV plays - they are very talented and I hope casting directors will continue to use them and help to improve the public understanding of the condition.
I know that many children with Down's also have other health problems, but we are finally beginning to concentrate on what they CAN do, rather than on any limitations.
Emmerdale is doing a good job with little Leo - such a storyline would not have been handled even twenty years ago.

whenim64 Wed 25-Jul-12 08:46:19

Rosa Monkton has done much to portray the abilities of children with Downs Syndrome, and her lovely daughter was recently shown on TV, when she passed an interview to be admitted to a college of drama and dance.

nightowl Wed 25-Jul-12 09:32:05

It's wonderful to see the changes in attitudes in only a generation. When my lovely niece was born 34 years ago she had associated health problems including a heart condition. She was denied treatment - her parents were given lots of reasons/ excuses but we all suspected that her Down's syndrome was a major factor - she died at the age of 25 after a great deal of suffering.

Greatnan Wed 25-Jul-12 09:39:25

I think the paralympics have helped to change attitudes.

Wrinklygrandad123 Sat 03-Aug-13 06:28:34

So cute like Lil Wayne..

glammanana Sat 03-Aug-13 08:03:22

What a beautiful little girl we can all see why she was chosen.

LizG Sat 03-Aug-13 08:13:14

What a lovely start to the day to see such a beautiful little girl. My friend's daughter convinced me to have our third child without fear. She is so happy and loving.

gracesmum Sun 04-Aug-13 10:57:48

Slightly puzzled as to why this thread has "resurfaced" after a year - note that it was was revived by Wrinklygrandad - why? confused