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Twins again - looking for some advice please

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ayse Tue 03-Mar-15 08:11:51

I've not been on for a while as I'm Mon-Fri going to my daughter's all day to help her with the twins. They are growing well but she now has two issues that I would like to help her resolve (if possible) as its driving her a little miserable.

Firstly, twin 1 is quite placid and can go to sleep on her own (not always) so that's OK. Twin two has always had colic and is very windy so that has kept her awake. Now, the colic is not nearly as bad but unless she is out in the buggy or car she finds it very difficult to remain asleep during the day. We give her cuddles, wait until she is asleep (not recommended), and then put her down - she sleeps for maybe 10 minutes and then is awake again. However my DD was very similar in her behaviour - awake and crying most of the day but sleeping at night, as is DGD2. They are 10 weeks but were born 3 weeks early so are maybe 3 weeks behind in some aspects. Anyone got any suggestions?? All gratefully received.

Secondly, my DD is breast feeding them but we have been trying a bottle just in case. They really are very resistant to this and just cry even if they are hungry. She currently has a near to breast teat for the bottle and we were wondering if a different teat would help. All suggestions also gratefully received.

Sorry this is a little long but I'm hoping for some suggestions. However just to add that my mother only had me because I was such 'an awful baby' - crying. I suspect we will just have to live with DGD 2 until she grows out of it as they usually do once they are able to sit and move about. hmm

soontobe Tue 03-Mar-15 09:45:50

I cant add much. But I do know that colic is awful.
Some of my children, for reasons I wont go into, were in hospital a fair bit in their early months. And sometimes there were babies with colic in there to. I dont know if they were in because they had colic or for another reason. But back then, even the nurses, in the evenings, used to walk around with a colicky baby. They had no answers too.
[I realise that things might have changed since, but I havent heard anything].

You might also get some useful answers to both questions on mumsnet.

whenim64 Tue 03-Mar-15 09:56:29

We had the sane experiences with my DD's early twins and I remember a previous discussion had some useful info in it, ayse

Here's the thread:

ayse Tue 03-Mar-15 10:18:26

thanks whenim64. I'll have a look - I don't think things change much as soontobe said.

Nelliemoser Tue 03-Mar-15 11:25:18

My DGS was a dreadful grizzler as a baby. He never slept well and DD was contantly feeding him.
He came more human at about 4/5 mnths when he could be entertained a bit by bashing the toys on his baby gym.

I was very lucky that both his mum and her brother were very good feeders and sleepers. I don't know how DD coped.

He is now a jolly and happy toddler now, but at the time it did seem like he might always be a misery guts. It might just take time.

Jane10 Tue 03-Mar-15 15:25:19

My DS had awful "Three month colic" it was called back then. As soon as he hit the magic three months it just stopped"! I hope you have similar luck. I do remember the misery of it and thinking things like "oh no he's only 7 weeks old, 5 more weeks to go".
Remember- This too shall pass! Good luck to you all.

ayse Wed 04-Mar-15 07:55:15

Thanks all - I keep telling my daughter that it will improve and she won't continue for ever - Today. I'm going to concentrate on reminding her how much better things are already - the other DGD is happily putting herself to sleep. Daughter is very hung up on 'routine' and is frightened J will never be able to put herself to sleep.
Nelliemoser - I'll tell my daughter about your experience - it sounds rather like mine i.e. that the situation resolved itself once they were able to begin to occupy themselves. I know she can't help it but I wish she wouldn't worry quite so much, after all she turned out to be a bright spark once she got over the very baby stage.
Ah well, off to get dressed and go out to baby massage at 9.30. I'm so glad it's in the morning as both DGDs are fairly happy generally at this time of day.

baubles Wed 04-Mar-15 08:44:17

ayse, just to let you know that the ill baby in the thread linked to above is now a two and a half year old non stop chatterbox. Once she was settled on a regime of gaviscon and another medicine, the name of which escapes me, she was a different child. DD used to say it was as though she had been a changeling. DGD thrived from then on, she is still a wee thing compared to her sister at the same age but perhaps she would have been anyway.

I hope your little grandchild and your daughter feel better soon.

glammanana Wed 04-Mar-15 14:15:11

baubles Was it Infacol by any chance we used this when DGS was small he was the only one of my 5 DGSs to suffer from colic,DD used to hand him right over her knee and rub his back to release the wind and it did work and as others have said it seems to go around the 3/4mth stage so there is light at the end of the tunnel for tired mums & nanna's.

mcem Wed 04-Mar-15 15:03:10

DD's doc suggested that DGS might be happier if she cut out all dairy food while she was breastfeeding. She did that, and it was like witnessing a miracle! Within a few days the colic disappeared completely.
She kept going with her dairy-free diet for a couple of months then gradually reintroduced milk etc. No problems by then and no more colic.

Bez Wed 04-Mar-15 15:42:30

The twin boys our son and partner have are now seven weeks - born at 36 weeks and one much bigger than the other. The smaller baby found the Avent bottle very difficult and when a nurse from the hospital special baby unit came to visit she brought a bottle called NUK with her - this type he has found much better to get on with - our son got a supply delivered from Ocado. Maybe this will help. Neither of these boys sleep very well but are much better now than a few weeks ago and both have gained a lot of weight.

TwiceAsNice Wed 04-Mar-15 16:26:48

My daughter had full term twins both breast fed and she and others said keep giving the breast more often they are designed to feed a baby much better than a bottle. Infacol is good. When my second child had really bad colic my GP prescribed something called Merbentyl but I don't know if it's still available it was on prescription. When out twins were very young they liked to sleep in the same cot, might you try that. Good luck it gets better, twins are hard work but ours are nearly 6 now and I worship them

TwiceAsNice Wed 04-Mar-15 16:27:11

Sorry our twins not out

JessM Wed 04-Mar-15 16:58:32

One thing to bear in mind is that once they are a bit older it is much easier to breastfeed twins simultaneously than to bottle feed them at the same time. So if the feeding is going well, I would not try to get them to take cows milk. Also - my nephew was resistant to being weaned onto bottle and it turned out he was intolerant of cows milk - rather a difficult month before this was realised and he was weaned onto soya milk. Clever baby knew what was good for him. Breast really is best if it can be managed.
Some people think these days that fussy babies are suffering from reflux/heartburn that can bother them just like it does adults. Maybe "colic" as a diagnosis is being replaced by "reflux" these days. Tricky when babies can't tell you what is wrong isn't it.
Tried a dummy?

baubles Wed 04-Mar-15 19:05:41

Glamma, no it wasn't that one. I dare say there are a few different meds.