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grandparents wanted!!! (essex, clacton)

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chuter21 Sat 02-May-15 16:43:53

hi there we are a family of 5 smile id love to meet an older couple for my kids to have something in their lives like a grandparent role, they dont have any grandparents they did until my own mother walked out on me last year! can anyone help???? we are re locating to essex soon clacton on sea, so will need to be essex areas, i want influence in my 3 boys life they are only 5,6,9 years old, and i feel they are missing out hope some one can help us, we are a lovely little family i just feel something is missing xxx

Teetime Sun 03-May-15 13:10:36

I do hope you find someone and some families to be friends with in Clacton on sea I know the area well and went to school there Clacton County High in the late 60s so I know the area well (I now live in the East Midlands). If you have time for a bit of volunteering yourself and perhaps join something like WI you will meet people but remember to make haste slowly - it takes time to build a relationship like the one you describe. Good luck with it. smile

Pittcity Sun 03-May-15 13:43:27

chuter21 have you added your request to your local Gransnet pages? You can find it using the local tab at the top of this page.