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getting itms for grandchildren in nz

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Cath9 Thu 08-Dec-16 14:38:24

I should find this easy as my granddaughter in NZ is only just 4 yrs of age.
But with the NZ dollar higher than the pound, I am finding it difficult, any ideas would be most welcome.

grannyactivist Thu 08-Dec-16 14:43:53

I would recommend a book or books sent from the Book Depository with free international delivery.

My granddaughter in NZ is just under two and I've sent her dozens of books using the Book Depository.

BlueBelle Thu 08-Dec-16 14:51:57

There are lots of items they can't get over there I have been sending for 20 years and sometimes you do have to bite the bullet and accept the postage etc but talk to the parents as being over here you have no idea what the little girl has got already even in books or even what she is into personally I would never buy any of my grandkids when they were primary school age without consulting the parents now mine are all teens or nearly teens they can give me their own wants, likes, needs
This year I got a 'football list' from the grandson ( not getting club tops and socks etc over there) and money for a festival ticket for the eldest, so easy peasy this year

Tizliz Thu 08-Dec-16 15:05:06

My 4 year old grand daughter wants anything to do with Disney Frozen. I was going to suggest you purchased from Amazon NZ but there isn't Amazon there. I wonder if there is another NZ web site you could use and it would save postage. Also hasn't the last posting date gone already?