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Worried about baby granddaughter

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gillybob Fri 08-Jun-18 09:22:41

Later today my 5 week old granddaughter is having a scan on her hips . The midwife was concerned that one side is “ not quite right “ and clicks a bit when she makes the frog movement ( not sure of it’s proper name) . It was quite a traumatic birth so not sure if relevant . My DD is past herself with worry (as am I but trying to stay calm for DD’s sake) .
What will the scan show ? What can they do ? Will they tell my DD today if there is something to be concerned about?
I desperately need some reassurance .

BlueBelle Fri 08-Jun-18 09:30:23

Not sure I can reassure you as I have no medical knowledge just know that babies can have clicky hips without it being anything dangerous I think sometimes they have to be in plaster for a while if it’s a bad case
There will be others with more knowledge just wanted you to not worry too much

annsixty Fri 08-Jun-18 09:35:30

I can only say gilly try not to worry until you know whether you have anything to worry about. Easier said than done I know.
She is very young and if there is a problem she will be quickly treated and won't know anything about it.
Please keep us informed when you know something.

janeainsworth Fri 08-Jun-18 09:39:12

I agree with Bluebelle, the midwife will probably just be concerned that there might be a tendency to dislocate.
It's very common gilly and the sort of thing that is much easier to put right if it's found early.
I don't know of course whether your DD will be told anything today, but she shouldn't be afraid to ask questions.

glammanana Fri 08-Jun-18 09:40:07

gilly "Clicky Hips" can correct themselves if that is what the midwife thinks she has found she may be mistaken as babies do as you know don't always perform well when they do tests so she may be just erring on the cautious side.
Let us know how things go today and try (not easy) not to worry too much.

bmacca Fri 08-Jun-18 09:46:10

Just to offer a bit of reassurance. My eldest daughter had this and was put in a plaster cast. Changing her nappy and carrying her around were tricky but she didn't seem bothered by it at all. She's now 35 and had no further problems.

Polly99 Fri 08-Jun-18 09:50:54

Both my daughter and her daughter had this when they were born but after a few weeks it seemed to have righted itself and no treatment was needed. Even if it does not it is treated by putting the baby in a "frog" plaster for a few weeks, which seems to cure the problem. Please try not to worry.

gillybob Fri 08-Jun-18 09:51:43

Thank you everyone for your quick responses. Gransnet at its best smile

I can remember seeing a few children in huge plasters when my DD was a baby (You don’t see many these days or is it just that I’m not seeing them?) and that’s what I’m terrified about . She’s still very small (9lb) and the thought of her having to go into plaster is heartbreaking . I know I’m jumping the gun and overreacting when we don’t know what the scan will show yet but I’m just so worried .

My DD has done the movements a few times herself ( as advised by the midwife) and she says she can’t feel a “click” but she’s not a professional obviously . Would it be distinctive ? Could it have just been the way she was born maybe?

Sorry, I know I’m asking impossible questions .

bmacca Fri 08-Jun-18 10:10:20

One of my cousins also had this more recently with her baby and she was put in a harness which was fabric so treatments may have moved on from when my daughter had the plaster cast. Apparently there can be an hereditary aspect to clicky hips but my GP told me it was probably just that she'd not had much room to move around in the womb. I think the important thing is that it's been picked up quickly and any treatment can put it right

BlueBelle Fri 08-Jun-18 10:17:30

Oh Gillybob don’t fret over any treatment she may or may not have, a tiny baby will have no memory even if she is in plaster although I ve not seen any for a long time and as has been said maybe the treatment is different now
Please don’t jump ahead you are only going to freak your daughter and yourself out stay calm the little one will gurgle and smile her way through anyway

janeainsworth Fri 08-Jun-18 10:52:09

I think if it’s diagnosed early enough all that is needed (if anything) is wearing two nappies to keep the joint in the right position.

Sar53 Fri 08-Jun-18 12:39:45

gillybob, one of my granddaughters, who is now nine, was born by emergency c-section because, very late on , was found to be breech. When she was born her legs remained in the 'frog' position' for some time, due to the way she had been lying in the womb.
Doctors thought she may have had clicky hips and she was scanned. Everything turned out to be fine. Please try not to worry too much.

kittylester Fri 08-Jun-18 12:59:55

I was going to say 'don't worry' gilly, but that's a bit daft isn't it - nothing will stop that. Have a big (((hug))) instead.

SueDonim Fri 08-Jun-18 13:14:59

One of my dd's had a clicky hip, picked up at the newborn check up. She was referred to a specialist two days later and was found to have a clunky hip, which apparently is different and not a problem! Her own baby was scanned shortly after birth as a precaution but again nothing was found.

Even if there is a problem, a plaster cast isn't generally used nowadays. A fabric harness is used instead to stabilise the hip.

Do be warned though that swaddling a baby can be bad for their hips so make sure your Dd isn't doing that.

Good luck for a happy result.

grannyactivist Fri 08-Jun-18 13:34:12

Hi gillybob - there's always something to worry us as mums or grans isn't there? However, the very worst thing that might happen is baby needs to wear a pavlik harness for a few weeks (google it) - but the most likely scenario is that a quick scan will show all is well. Come back and let us know as we'll be waiting for news.

Jamison Fri 08-Jun-18 13:48:00

Please reassure your daughter it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds, my daughter 40 this year had clicky hips and wore a small brace for a few months, caused her no problems at all, her hips were fine after that.
Her baby had a scan for the same at 5 weeks, and he was fine x

luluaugust Fri 08-Jun-18 17:12:55

From what I know from others who have had the scan quite often it turns out there is no problem and otherwise there are modern treatments that sort out the problem. All the best for today.

agnurse Fri 08-Jun-18 17:40:47

A "click" can be nothing, or it can mean the hip is dislocatable. An X-ray will tell. The good news is that hip dysplasia is very treatable. As a PP stated, they usually use a harness today rather than a full plaster. In most cases the harness is very helpful in fixing the problem, especially when it's caught and fixed this early. In some cases surgery is required, but that's usually for severe cases and/or when it's not treated until much later. It would be less likely that it would be required for your GD.

Maggiemaybe Fri 08-Jun-18 17:58:42

Of course it’s easier said than done not to worry, gillybob, but please try not to fret. I was so upset when our midwife diagnosed a “definite” clicky hip in one of mine. The doctor who double-checked it found nothing and that was the end of the matter. Fingers crossed that’s the case here.

Luckygirl Fri 08-Jun-18 18:30:52

It is good that the midwife is taking all the proper steps to catch this early, assuming there is something to catch.

Treatment is speedy and effective; so three cheers for modern medicine.

gillybob Fri 08-Jun-18 22:16:15

Just a quick update ......

The radiographer said that she is very happy with the scan and cannot see any reason for concern. To say I am relieved is an understatement. From the bottom of my heart , thank you all so much for brilliant advice and kind concern . smile

Deedaa Fri 08-Jun-18 22:16:55

I've got a feeling that this was mentioned when DD was tiny. Either it righted it self or was a false alarm because she's been fine ever since.

Maggiemaybe Fri 08-Jun-18 22:48:59

Great news, gillybob! You can sleep well now! wine

Granny23 Fri 08-Jun-18 23:05:50

Glad all is well

grannyqueenie Fri 08-Jun-18 23:10:19

Only just seen this post gillyb, and very glad to also read that all is well now. Phew! x