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Toddler toilet training

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Greciangirl Thu 12-Jul-18 17:35:08

Following on from the thread of toilet training.

My nearly 3year old dgs is now wearing pants and using a potty.
But he does have the odd accident(understandably).
He is not too bad with having a wee, but when it comes to number 2s he doesn’t seem to have a lot of control and invariably, I have a mess to clean up.
Dd is adamant he must carry on wearing pants, but I now dread looking after him as it’s such a performance when he has an accident. I keep asking him if he wants to go and he says no, then a bit later it’s done.
Twice last week it happened, and it looks like a repeat performance tomorrow.

Would it do too much harm to put him in nappy whilst with me, do you think.
Thanks all.

stella1949 Thu 12-Jul-18 18:04:17

I'd buy the pull up nappy pants and give yourself a break. At not-yet-three he is very young to be trained at all - in your situation I'd just continue to take him for regular wees but use the nappy pants to avoid the Number Two accidents.

Cherrytree59 Thu 12-Jul-18 18:05:11

No nappy.
Unless it is the parents wishes.
It would be a backward step (imho)

Trainer pants or Pampers style pull-ups.

Good luck.

Grannyknot Thu 12-Jul-18 18:10:47

Pampers style pull ups. Not quite 3 is rather young, so he is doing well.

My GS wasn't potty trained past 3 years old (still in nappies at that age)... and then at age 3.5 got the hang of it in a week.

JustALaugh Thu 12-Jul-18 20:35:42

My 2 granddaughters were fully trained, night and day, by 2 1/2. I think perhaps boys take a bit longer?

Don't put nappies on him! Instead of asking him if he needs to use the toilet, it might be a good idea to put him on the toilet before and after meals, and before you take him out. Praise him every time he does anything! Good luck.

Iam64 Thu 12-Jul-18 20:47:28

I can't see it as in anyway helpful to revert to nappies once toilet training has started. Ive read that some children take longer to toilet train "number 2" . Its part of being a toddler and trying to have some control over your environment. That isn't negative, or a criticism of the children, its recognising how little control they have over what happens in their lives.
You say you keep asking if he wants to go - he may feel pressured and needs a break. How is cleaning up after an accident in pants more difficult than cleaning up after a dirty nappy.
Your daughter is correct, potty training needs to be consistent (and calm, kind and supportive)

Melanieeastanglia Thu 12-Jul-18 21:12:18

I do feel sorry for people toilet training their children. I found it very difficult. My second child was slightly better because I think you learn the best method with the first one. I was also anxious about it because other people's children were out of nappies and mine still wore them.

I know it isn't a race but you can't always help how you feel.

I agree it isn't good to keep stopping and starting toilet training but it is difficult to go to other people's houses and on public transport when a child is completely unreliable in that way.

I just found that, all of a sudden one day, the penny just dropped with my children but they still managed to have quite a few accidents.

Unless something is radically wrong, they all get there in the end. Good luck!

Sennelier1 Fri 13-Jul-18 19:09:48

I heard on the radio that when a child is eating, the body gets a signal to evacuate, to make space for the new food! I didn't know that, but it sure explains things! So put that boy on his potty the moment he has finished eating, and keep him there for a few minutes!

Iam64 Fri 13-Jul-18 20:30:44

Sennelier1, that's the way to potty train, it isn't rocket science. it's also, just the way we train puppies. On the hour and within 10 minutes of a feed.

coast35 Fri 13-Jul-18 20:46:42

I toilet trained my children, a boy and a girl, at 18 months. My son was no trouble. He loved aiming his pee at the bowl and one morning I found his nappy dry. Terry towelling in those days. 2 days of that and I didn’t bother with night nappy again. Daughter was much slower but got there by the time she was 2.5. My grandson wasn’t started on toilet training till he was 3 and going to nursery. He was very slow and could still have accidents when he was 5. Good old Dr Spock told us to start at 18 months. I think it was the right age before they start getting opinionated!!

Jobey68 Fri 13-Jul-18 21:01:15

My niece is currently potty training her little girl who has just turned 2 , I look after her every Friday and am happy to keep up mummy's good work, she is doing so well and providing she has nothing on she will use the potty for a wee by herself with no problems, today she sat and did a poo without being prompted which led to huge applause from me and my dad who was visiting! She was very pleased with herself as more often than not they end up on the floor! 🙈 Once you start you have to keep going , it's never going to be easy whatever their age, we make a huge fuss and nappies are solely for sleeping now although she woke from a 2hr nap today bone dry asking for a wee wee!
Try and persevere if you can and hopefully within a few weeks little one would have cracked it!