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Sweet idea

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Spudtm Fri 22-Mar-19 10:35:32

Browsing through Amazon I saw this
A guest book for grandchild staying at Granny's house
What a sweet idea.

aggie Fri 22-Mar-19 10:41:46

Yuck , what a cringe worthy Idea ! Anyway if you want you can dress up a much cheaper notebook . I wonder how many GC are old enough to record their ideas after a sleep over ? I mostly had babies and toddlers , when they were at school and old enough to write the slept at home

etheltbags1 Fri 22-Mar-19 10:45:45

A good idea but as already said a notebook could be used. You could petsonalise it with stickers or photos and it could be kept for the next generation. Imagine a grown up gc showing her child what she did at granny house. I might pinch the idea

ninathenana Fri 22-Mar-19 14:21:24

Hmm, it's not for me. I don't consider my GC as guests when they stay.
Each to their own of course.

Gonegirl Fri 22-Mar-19 14:24:31

Oh why didn't I see that years ago?! It;'s lovey!

Bit late now. The buggers would probably be rude just to be 'funny'. hmm

Cherrytree59 Fri 22-Mar-19 14:53:19

What about Grandad?

Gonegirl Fri 22-Mar-19 14:54:54

I'm not at all sure I could have got my two to actually sit down and write something though. hmm

Cherrytree59 Fri 22-Mar-19 15:24:02

Gonegirl can you take dictation?

I think I will just ask for star ratings stickers. 🌟

Although in our case the star ratings will probably come in the form of dinosaur stickers. 😄

inishowen Sat 23-Mar-19 10:04:02

My daughter was a prolific writer from age 6. She kept diaries and always wrote about her stays with my mum. These are such fun to read now.

NannyG123 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:20:31

I am a nan,and a childminder, and when my grandchildren

were young and they was in my care all day, I always took photos of things we did during the day, and stuck them in individual books, as I did with childminded children. To this day ( they are 12 & 14 nowt)hey still look through them.

Farmor15 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:22:39

It might be worthwhile for grandparents to keep a notebook recording their experiences when grandchildren came to visit/stay, particularly when too young to record anything themselves. It could be kept for when they were older, and make interesting reading, particularly if honest, and not just a rosy picture - temper tantrums, refusing to eat grandma's food, not going to sleep! (not that my perfect grandchildren would be like this smile).

Photos could be included, and examples of crafts/pictures child did while visiting and also what their favourite stories and songs were at the time.

Hm999 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:48:42

I love the idea of recording a sentence or 2 across the years, but I hate the idea of a guest book. So I suppose I could buy a nice book (with lines or squares to assist the penmanship) and personalise it, maybe with a photo or 2 for each season.

busyb Sat 23-Mar-19 11:51:39

When my grandchildren stay for the summer holidays their Uncle and I take them on 'adventures' so the older 2 girls (7 & 10) have had a notebook for the last few years and fill it full of drawings and write up (voluntarily) what they have done that day. This year we will start the youngest 4 year old with a book and help him fill it in. Recently the eldest found her book from 2 years ago and loved reading it. Last year I also had the holiday photos made into an album each for them with a cheap offer from photo company. Memories.

notanan2 Sat 23-Mar-19 12:11:32

Ha ha they would probably not write what you want to hear 😁

Like when you get back from taking them on a lovely wonderous expensive holiday and all they tell teacher/neighbours about it is that mum didnt pay the cafe (even though you went straight back in to pay) or something equally embarraasing..

.... nothing about the fun activities at all... grin

Saggi Sat 23-Mar-19 12:23:58

Mine grandkids would say two things in any notebook..... more tech ( they’re only allowed 45 mins a day) and more chocolate please nanny.

grandMattie Sat 23-Mar-19 12:31:55

I would consider one, although I find the idea a bit twee - if and only IF my GDs ever came alone. Never yet, so a waste of time, money and emotion!

Purpledaffodil Sat 23-Mar-19 19:56:09

Being very suspicious, I note this is privately published. Bit of free marketing maybe?

Aepgirl Sun 24-Mar-19 12:21:12

Something else to waste money on - a bit like Christmas Eve boxes.

MawBroon Sun 24-Mar-19 14:01:50

Sounds more than a bit naff., and a commercial idea hmm
Anyway, grandchildren are not “guests” they are family.