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My little granddaughter doesn't seem to like me

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grannyrebel7 Sun 29-Dec-19 16:19:00

My granddaughter aged 4 used to love seeing me but all of a sudden she seems to prefer DH and doesn't want to bother with me. I don't know what I've done or why she's like this. My DH goes into what I call full on "children's TV presenter mode" when he sees her and she responds better to this than to me just being normal. Our other two GC aged 8 & 10 never used to like him much when they were little so now I know how it feels! I do feel very hurt by it but am trying not to let it upset me too much. Anyone else had this happen to them?

timetogo2016 Sun 29-Dec-19 16:28:51

I wouldn`t take it to heart tbh.
Without a doubt she loves you but likes how her grandad reacts.
You could always join in with the daftness.
I find girls can be hard work at the best of times.
She will be back to herself with you before you know it.

grannypiper Sun 29-Dec-19 16:32:00

My Granddaughter loves my DH and it is all about him, i know my place grin Give your Little one a few more years and the TV presenter act will make her cringe

Chestnut Sun 29-Dec-19 16:45:20

Children go through phases and I'm sure she will be out of this one soon enough when the novelty wears off. If possible try and get some time alone with her because I find I can engage with them so much better when they're on their own. Just relax and suggest a game or water colour painting with her, but let her choose what she wants to do with you. Play a pretend game with her, it doesn't have to be amazing just anything she seems to enjoy. My 4 year old GD likes to act out scenes she's seen on TV with me and her toys but I have to 'talk' them for her.

lemongrove Sun 29-Dec-19 17:28:29

They always seem to prefer one grandparent over another, part of being young, liking the more ‘fun’ adult.
It means a break for you, if your DH is doing the entertaining.
You can be the one to prepare nice meals and read the stories.

kircubbin2000 Sun 29-Dec-19 17:32:02

My 4 year old gr was the same this week. He wouldn't kiss me goodnight or sit beside me but the 3 year old was fine.

EllaKeat Sun 29-Dec-19 17:34:01

Enjoy the peace! She will soon swing back to you and you will miss the wonderful opportunity to go to the loo on your own😁
My gd has just switched from me to DH after realising he is a soft touch! She will drift back when she clicks that he cannot bake cookies😛

Doodle Sun 29-Dec-19 17:34:58

Worry not. Times change. Just keep being kind and loving it’s not personal no matter how much you think it is. Also if your DGD sees you are upset by it she is likely to do it more. Little ones are very good at spotting things like that.

endlessstrife Sun 29-Dec-19 18:39:23

Awww, don’t worry. I looked after my GD from 8 months old to about 3 years, three days a week. She went through this ignoring me stage from about 4 to when she started school. She never wanted to cuddle or anything really. She’s 7 now, and completely fine. Just go with the flow. Perhaps do more with the older two until she settles down.

Madgran77 Sun 29-Dec-19 19:53:15

Its just a phase. Play it cool, show an interest, suggest a story occasionally but don't worry if she says no (maybe sometimes just start looking at a new picture book and laugh ...a 4 year old cant resist finding out why!!)

Urmstongran Sun 29-Dec-19 20:08:22

Please don’t be offended when I say have you checked for bad breath or body odour? Children up close being breathed upon will pick up on unpleasant smells! Bad breat isn’t always apparent to the person concerned.

I had a colleague who had awful bad breath. She would lean over my shoulder to look at my PC screen and I nearly used to pass out. I was never brave enough to say anything to her.

Just worth a mention.

Absolutely no hurt intended.

grannyrebel7 Sun 29-Dec-19 23:22:58

Thanks for the advice guys. Urmstongran - you made me laugh but I can assure you I don't have bad breath or B.O.! I'll just have to stick it out and hope she comes around eventually. Will post again if things improve.